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Ways to Drive Up Sales with User-Generated Content

Driving up sales with user-generated content is the present and the future of the eCommerce business.

User-generated content ideas help in brand value and building up customer trust through other customers’ hearts and souls. These days, customers have started finding the ads monotonous and unimpressive. A majority know it’s only fake promises just to sell a particular product.

Driving up sales with user-generated content

In the UGC method, the marketing of your product is done by the consumer. The customer is the King who brings you more profit in this method. The end-user of the product develops content due to the satisfaction of your product.UGC can be in the form of social media posts, blogs, etc.

Drive up sales with a user-generated content strategy in the simple ways suggested below.

Customer feedback

Customer feedback is a way to get UGC. You have to be open to customer feedback. Apart from listening to or collecting customer feedback on strategies to make necessary changes. Therefore, find different ways to satisfy your customers and drive up sales with user-generated content.


You can conduct a campaign with a set of target customers. You can ask them to come forward and write and review a particular product. If it’s about a particular lipstick you can tell your customers to tag you wearing that particular lipstick and invite their friends to like and share those. This way indirectly you are promoting your products through your customers. There are few companies that have tried and tested this method and have turned to be successful.

For example, Starbucks had once invited customers to design their cups. This is indirect marketing for driving up sales with user-generated content.

UGC through social media

Anything can sell on social media. When the selling is through UGC it’s always different to the eyes with a sense of trust. If your customers have participated in other campaigns you can also ask them to repost content with that.

Display UGC in search results

Displaying the product ratings in search engine results lets your business stand out in search results and give you a high click through rate by increased visibility. You can do this by the addition of rich snippets to your product pages.

Therefore, the more traffic to your site, the more the rate of conversion in your business.


You can conduct an event to know your customers better and you can get their reviews directly. This is on the expensive end and not all businesses can follow this method on practical terms. If you are going forward with this method, you can ask your customers to pose with your product and talk a few lines about them on their platforms with the hashtag you have given for that particular product.

UGC will be displayed in the search place and it will definitely boost your ratings in no time. When customers involve in indirect marketing of your products the rates and space of increasing the five stars will also be faster.


Try out this with the simple ways to collect and use user-generated content and you should be on your way to driving up sales for your business.

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