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8 Ways to Personalize Digital Content for Higher Conversion

Do you want to increase conversions at each stage in your business? Read about ways to personalize digital content for higher conversion!

Ways to personalize digital content for higher conversion

Let us walk through different ways to covert each stage at sales and repeat the customers. You can achieve this through personalization. Yes, you heard it right. The content we produce should be personalized. But not all angles.

HomePage and Search Engine Personalization

How would you feel when your salesperson just shows you the things you require and not any unwanted products you are least interested in? That is the same concept that works here. When your target customer reaches your website your goal should be to keep them there rather than leaving the site for your competitor’s site. For this, you can personise your page in a way that with the keywords or phrases entered by the customer you should customize your page to the needs that match with his profile. All other unrelated products shouldn’t be in the picture once the search is done.

The homepage can also be personalized by setting up navigations and endorsements that match to your customer’s regular search.


The bullet on your home page can be tailored according to your targeted group of customers. You can do this by always keeping a signup procedure to know your customers better.


This is the best way to attract your targeted audience. Giving the offers on a particular product or on a particular date, season or festival can bring you a good conversion rate. Make sure that you keep changing the offers so that your customers won’t wait for long, or don’t take time to re-think to purchase the product from you. Initially, you can start with one or two offers and gradually increase seeing the response.

Page recommendations

Personal recommendations of products always do wonders. You can get a good amount of revenue conversion with good recommendations.

After-sales touch

Communication is the key to all relationships. It is the same with the relationship with your customer. Once the payment is made and you don’t communicate with your customers it is like dead sales. This may not trigger your customer to get back to you. But if you communicate with them regarding the delivery date and once they receive the product their feedback.

Taking customers to feedback after-sales builds trust between you and your customer. You can keep a personalized touch in a unique way to be different from your competitors.

Additional emails

Once the customer signs up on your webpage and if you don’t hear from them make sure to have a system in place to communicate with them with links attached of the products they searched for. This can help some customers to feel special and also they may get back to the link helping you for a conversion. You can add additional links with related products that match your customer’s profile. This can be also in form of your company newsletters with attached links.

Social networking

Today is the era of social media. The majority of customers check reviews and referrals on social media sites. Many depend on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter for the same. It is also an indirect sales promotion for you if the question and answer are viewed by a huge network.

User experience

Personalization will help you to optimize the user experience. Even a simple personalization can do wonders for your revenue.

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