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Ways to Turn Social Media Followers into Customers

Do you want more customers generated through your social media audiences? Isn’t your outstanding content-generating revenue for you?

Social media is a key factor in all businesses today. But it doesn’t bring you revenue overnight. It involves a lot of planning, change in work strategies, etc. Let’s have a peek into how we can convert our social media accounts to revenue-generating sources.

Social media followers

Ever thought about what you need from your social media accounts besides the likes, shares, and followers? Read on to know more!

Scrutinize your social channels

You need to analyze all your social channels. You need to have a clear picture of which platform has the highest likes and followers and interactions. The few things you must have a clear picture of are:

  • Which channel has the most number of followers
  • The most communicative channel that talks about your product
  • The audience view on your product
  • The general communication on your business
  • The platform bringing the highest sales

Google Analytics, Facebook Engagements, Twitter Insights, and Instagram views help us to get a deep picture. With the help of these, your strategies can be planned well.

Observe your audience

Keeping a close watch on your audience’s needs and preferences will help you to a great extent to convert into sales.

You need to know their preferences and what exactly they are looking out from you. It can be the style, comfort, uniqueness, or quality. Know the exact reason why they are there and create content accordingly.If you have a customer who likes your product because it is compact post social media content in connection to the compact and sleek design of your product.

This way your customers will be more attracted to your content.Images and videos that are appealing to the eye and explains your product more than a write-up can help you in a long way.

Social media team

Once you know your targeted customers make sure you have a team to handle your social media. The content creations and posting must go on a regular basis. If you are alone tied up with it you may not be able to look into other areas that may need attention.

You need not put your legs into all the social media channels. You may choose the best that works for your business looking at where you have more of a targeted audience. Once you have established yourself in one platform you can spread your business to the other channels too.

Study your platform

Once you have decided your path make sure you know that path in and out. You may need two different content for the two different platforms. What you use on Facebook may not work for Instagram. Your product may be the same, but the strategy for sales on both platforms must be different.

Attract sales

Just having followers won’t bring you sales. You have to attract your customers for the same. Give special vouchers or discounts for your followers on a particular platform. You need not avail the discount to everyone. This gives your followers a special touch. You can give promotional discount codes individually to each follower. This can be generally done on Facebook or Instagram. You may end up with more followers and more sales with this strategy.

Be active

Be active in responding to your customer queries. This will get your customer more comfortable with you. You can solve all their doubts about your products. Don’t take too long to respond. That way you are directing your customer to your competitor.

Also, make sure you don’t stop posting new content on your social media pages. This way you will end up using existing customers. You can use multiple tools to schedule your post ahead if you are busy building your business from other angles.

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