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Create your own Online Grocery Delivery app

We all know how smartphones and the internet have emerged and become a part of our lives. And lately, with the ongoing pandemic, our dependency on relying on phones for literally everything has only grown. Not to mention, the grocery delivery apps are on a booming high! According to Statista, likely grocery purchases in the U.S. increased to 74% in March. Grocery giants like Walmart and Instacart have recorded a boom of over 200%! So if you are looking to create an online grocery delivery app for your store, NOW is the time.

Build an app for your store

If you have a WooCommerce store and are looking to build an app and move online, you are at the right place. Appmaker has helped build native apps for various stores for over 7 years now and has a customer base of 1000+ customers from 140+ countries. With absolutely zero technical knowledge, you can create an app using the Appmaker platform.

Know more about how the Appmaker WooCommerce plugin works –

Appmaker WooCommerce plugin

Read our blog on how the Appmaker plugin works and you can create your app in no time

Grocery Delivery app for your store

Appmaker provides a dedicated UI for grocery stores. Our team did a research on how the grocery apps work, and what UI has more chances of maximum app sales. Based on our findings, we have a grocery mode UI for the app which you can enable in just a click! Let’s look at some of the awesome features that are available in this mode –

Manage your app homepage

You can design the homepage of your app by adding various widgets to display the best offers and latest products in your store. Consequently, all these features will be reflected in real time on your app. Get a preview of the app and upload it to the store from the dashboard itself! Cool, isn’t it?

Send push notifications

Set up the push notification feature and send news about the latest and the best sales to your users anytime! And all of it, in just a few clicks!


Add multiple and unlimited languages to your app. Create a comfortable experience for your users in the language they prefer. The language of the app will automatically change depending upon the language one chooses.

Loyalty programs

Provide the best rewards and offers to your customers to ensure that they stay with you. We provide the best reward systems to increase your customer base and retain them.

These are just some of the innumerable features that our Grocery mode provides. Read more about these features on our page for Grocery eCommerce.

Set up your grocery store if you haven’t already

If you are not sure how to set up a grocery app for your store yet, worry not! We will help you out with everything from A to Z. From choosing the suitable crowd, to setting up the app and website, to choosing the right plugins for your site – we can help with all. Read this blog on how to set up a grocery store easily.

Select the best theme

There are various ways of deciding the theme for your grocery eCommerce platform and it can be confusing. Every store has its own charm and the grocery store does too. We bring to you a collection of different platforms that can help you decide the best theme for your store. Read this blog to get a better idea.

Finally, don’t forget to engage your customers

Just creating a grocery store app won’t be enough to ensure proper app sales. There is a bigger task – Customer retention. You need to ensure that your customers do not leave you. Nor should you. Keep your customers intact by implementing various strategies to keep them involved. Send them push notifications, use app-only coupons, good user experience and more.

Read our blog on how to ensure customer engagement for your app.

Concluding this blog…

If you have a grocery store, having an online grocery delivery app is equally (or probably, more) important. And to get your app build, Appmaker might be the perfect place for you. Why don’t you book a demo with us? Or try creating an app now…

Happy App-making!

Let’s create a grocery app for you together!

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