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How to Use Video Marketing for eCommerce Sales

Using video marketing for eCommerce sales is an intelligent move especially when marketers are looking for innovative ways to prove their points. According to a study done by Forbes, 65% of customers buy a product if they have watched a…

Track eCommerce marketing activities

How to track your eCommerce marketing activities

ECommerce marketing activities, organically, increases as your store grows to process a higher volume of orders. It is then, you should focus on the metrices to find out which of your marketing strategies are bringing you results. Let’s start discussing…

WooCommerce marketing Strategies

Top 12 WooCommerce marketing strategies in 2021

WooCommerce is one of the popular eCommerce platforms. It is the simplest when it comes to its configurations and customization. But often, people underestimate the importance of having proper marketing strategies for WooCommerce. Importance of WooCommerce Marketing Strategies WooCommerce is…

online book store casestudy

Woocommerce Mobile App: Ente Book Case Study

Bookstores have gone online. This case study is based on Entebook, who is a delegate customer of ours.  Entebook sells books online. They have a wide range of collection of books matching the interests of Keralites where the targeted audiences…