Google Analytics for eCommerce- Growth Explained

Google Firebase has many use cases which can benefit your business in many ways by making application of the analytics and followed by the google Firebase growth which they provide. In the previous article, we saw how Google Firebase Analytics can be effectively implemented for eCommerce apps. In this article, I’ll give you a brief

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Google Firebase analytics for eCommerce

Google Firebase Analytics Application for eCommerce apps

Analytics Having an eCommerce app and not tracking down things is not gonna help improve your online business. Google provides Firebase Analytics which helps you monitor and take necessary actions to grow your online business. This article introduces the applications of Google Firebase Analytics for eCommerce Dashboard: Google Analytics provides a dashboard where you can

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Best App builder

Best App builder of 2019

People are investing in app building. And you might be aware of the reasons. The popularity of smartphones kept mobile apps accelerated. And the stats do stay so. And if you have the plan to build a mobile app, Let’s be sure that you choose the best app builder. Currently, there are more than 2.1

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Advantages of Desktop apps- Web2Desk App introduced

DeskTop apps are back into action. Creating desktop app won’t go in vain because the advantages are far better when compared to the disadvnatages. Read on to learn about Desktop app advantages. And it has turned out that there are ready-made solutions in the market, which lets you convert your website into responsive desktop applications.

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Seeding Kerala event app builder

Using Event App builder for ‘Seeding Kerala- 2019’

An event app helps you save time and energy. Because, Bigger the event gets, harder it becomes to run around to manage it. Indeed, an app helps deliver a personalized experience for event attendees. With apps, Information is provided in the most convenient way. This helps increase interactions. Additionally, if there is a plan rescheduling

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Food App builder

How to build a quality food app in 2019?

There’s no doubt why there is a great rise in Food delivery apps. Restaurant to consumer rate is so much lower when we compare it with a platform to a consumer. This is one reason why here we discuss food delivery app development. Researches about the revenue in the online food ordering states that in 2019

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Appmaker to Speak at Future Commerce Indonesia Conference

Head of Growth and Product, eCommerce, Felix Josemon will discuss about Mobile eCommerce and how e-commerce businesses can make use of retail mobile apps to grow next level. India, Jan. 28, 2019 / —, a leading app building platform for E-commerce apps, will present on “Using Mobile e-commerce to grow e-commerce businesses to next level”

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Shopping app builder

Best eCommerce Shopping app in 2019

The number of retail apps that are uploaded daily to AppStore and PlayStore is 2500. A reason for this is, people nowadays prefer eCommerce shopping app over traditional brick and mortar business. Because online shopping are much convenient in all aspects. In the last festival season, about 70% of shopping was done through E-Commerce apps.

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E-Commerce mobile app development, build app like Amazon, make app like FlipKart

How to make an E-Commerce mobile app just like FlipKart/ Amazon in 2019

It’s time that we acknowledge people love shopping online. The digital world has forced the bricks and mortar commerce to revamp itself into E-Commerce. It all started off with E-Commerce websites. And now mobile apps have begun to take over. Which says mobile commerce is now into action. Having an E-Commerce business has immense advantages

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WordPress WooCommerce agencies in India

2019 Top WooCommerce Agencies in India

Just as the reasons to take your store online, choosing WooCommerce for building your E-Commerce website has enormous benefits. While WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin, it gives you the power to build and maintain an E-Commerce website very easily. Moreover, WooCommerce provides reliable and secure content management system. There are about 7 million downloads of

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