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Saving time and money along with optimizing the customer experience can be a challenge for WooCommerce online store owners. But excitingly, WooCommerce optimization can be done not only by creating something new but also by improving what you already have. This article intends to offer some handy tips to optimize your WooCommerce store’s performance, user experience, […]
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Most e-commerce businesses struggle with cart abandonment, which is a serious problem. Nearly 70% of all carts are abandoned, as was previously reported. Cart abandonment rates for your business may be influenced by the type of device your clients are using to shop. The study mentioned above indicates that the typical rate of cart abandonment […]
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We are surrounded by a lot of data, but most business marketers are unable to utilize it effectively. Most marketers limit themselves to merely segmenting their audience, developing only a few versions of the campaigns, and using their names in emails while addressing them in the name of personalization, even though they can genuinely customize […]