Author: Sumayya Siddique

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Black Friday is around the corner. Black Friday eCommerce means an increase in the sales, conversion of slow sales products into demand full products, aggressive Customer acquisition, and Whatnot! Find Appmaker’s exclusive Black Friday deals here! Black Friday eCommerce  How different do you want your Black Friday retail survival kit to be: With the present […]
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Analytics Having an eCommerce app and not tracking down things is not going to help improve your online business. Google provides Firebase Analytics for eCommerce which helps you monitor and take necessary actions to grow your online business. This article introduces the applications of Google Firebase Analytics for eCommerce. Dashboard: Google Analytics provides a dashboard […]
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Powering every WooCommerce website is possible. Make them stunning, perform well, and enhance them with features and whatnot. And, all this is possible in WooCommerce websites with the plugins. For example, there are plugins for adding a payment gateway to your website. You can add multiple languages using multilingual plugins. Likewise, you can add WooCommerce […]
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Going forward with the WooCommerce store will eventually require Payment gateway integration. And for this, WooCommerce provides plugins facility, and there are many payment gateway plugins for WooCommerce. Stripe is one among the most preferred Payment gateways. It’s mainly because of the features offered by Stripe. It delivers a great user experience. Many people think Apple […]