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Post-Purchase Experience for ECommerce 2022

“Don’t we all love this notification that “Your product XYZ has been shipped” hours after placing the order?” Your customer loves it too.

As an eCommerce company, we always dream of scaling and having a great customer purchase experience.

Have you ever thought “How many times have you reached out to the customer support of Amazon for your orders for the resolution of your query, in most of the cases it’s Zero?”

The same thing is expected by the customer from your brand.

How does Amazon do this?

Well, we have some hacks that can help you provide Amazon like post-purchase services. Keep scrolling to unveil them!

Tips & Tricks to Deliver Amazon like Post-Purchase Experience

Focus on improving branded tracking experience

Most eCommerce startups choose to work with third-party tracking and delivery service providers to save money on having their own branded one, which often becomes the reason for a low customer retention rate. 

Imagine if Amazon sent you a third-party tracking link text to monitor your package delivery process, Wouldn’t it make you feel like you ordered from a shady eCommerce company? 

Having to open another page that showcases a logo of another company where you have to input the order number as given in the message will not help improve your brand experience.

So having a tracking page on your website with a tracking button, having an in-order tracking feature can help your brand shine.

Real-time delivery updates

The expectation of on-time delivery is now higher than ever before. Real-time delivery updates initiate closer communication with the clients. Moreover, it guarantees customer satisfaction. It is essential to set precise delivery dates after considering all the vital points. 

When you are unable to meet your client’s standards and deliver on time, they don’t take much time to find an eCommerce business that can. 

Keep all the reasons for the late delivery in mind and leverage the CRM system to provide an excellent post-purchase experience. It can help you inform customers about the delays in product delivery. 

Update customers about any delays in delivery as part of enhancing your post-purchase services.

Personalization in communication

Personalization in communication and tracking has made interaction with consumers quick and flexible. 

However, post-purchase communication does not have to be complicated. Keep your customer on top of mind and up to date during the shipping process to create brand loyalty.

Send your customers emails regarding other product recommendations to learn about the purchase experience they have had with you. There may be another item of the same brand or range, for example, to help them complete their set. The recommendations will help you in the future to increase customer retention.

Ask for feedback & reviews

Customer satisfaction should always be high on your list. Give them the chance to provide you with input and thank them for sparing their time to give feedback. You must use this feedback to enhance or strengthen your current popular product purchases.

Much like asking for feedback, product reviews are also crucial for the growth of your eCommerce business. Ask your customers to write a review of the product they purchased from your site. 

You can also introduce a ‘star rating system’ for customers who prefer to rate the products rather than write a review for them. This is an example of customer experience.

Get creative

Giving more than what a customer is expecting is always exciting. Get creative and try to provide extra from your side that makes your customers feel valued. 

That little extra can be anything, from early delivery, and free delivery to complimentary products. Most importantly, it gives customers value that will bring your brand to mind the next time a consumer needs your product.

Whichever hack you may want to try, an all-in-one shipping and tracking tool can help you deliver an Amazon-like post-purchase experience.

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Shipway: A One-Stop Solution to Deliver the best Post-Purchase Experience

One of the emerging courier and tracking services of our time, Shipway, is a one-stop solution for all eCommerce companies that aim at enhancing the post-purchase experience. 

Here’s how Shipway can help you to deliver a seamless post-purchase experience:

  • Track and Notify: Having partnered with more than 500+ carrier partners worldwide, Shipway can help you auto-send forward and reverse tracking notifications (forward and reverse shipments) with real-time delivery updates. That can gradually help your brand by reducing customer support costs.  
  • Branded tracking page: Create your own tracking page that has your brand logo, social media handles, and product recommendations. Retain customers with the help of branded tracking pages and delight your customers with personalized communication. 
  • Tracking page with preferred language: Create a tracking page on your website in your preferred language and help the customer get the best tracking experience.
  • Measure customer satisfaction: Use the super-powerful NPS tool to measure your customer satisfaction. Auto sends survey notifications to get product reviews.

Bottom line

So, have you yet determined whether you want to provide an Amazon-like post-purchase experience?

Are you looking for ways to improve and increase customer loyalty with better engagement? Are you looking to generate an NPS score along with customer feedback and improve your store? If so, ensure to visit Shipway. For all the right reasons, Shipway can be your new tracking and courier partner to convert regular customers into loyal ones & enhance the post-purchase experience.

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