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Increasing Firebase retention of users

For exercise to become a daily habit for a person, he needs to continuously fight his inner demons and push himself to get up from his comfortable bed. If only retaining oneself to achieve a goal was simple enough, every person in this world would have been in shape! Regardless to say, if you want to be fit, you have got to fight all odds and be there to do that. 

Likewise, retaining your users in your app is a similar ideology. You have got to keep them looped onto your app for better results and outputs – basically, make them visit your app almost every day!

Making your app a routine visit for your users is not easy. To get them back to your app, they should feel that your products suit their demands and the user experience is satisfying. 

Animated image using retention of users using Firebase

Tracking the retention of users in Firebase

Firebase tracks the retention of your app users by tracking a cohort of users over a span of 5 weeks. It starts with ‘week 0’ where the number of users joining your app is taken as 100%. The cohort is tracked in a span of five weeks to see how many users retain and how many leave.

Tracking the retention of users is important. The reason being, it determines how useful the app is for users. Also, with this data, you can determine what audience to concentrate on and what strategies you can implement to keep your users alive in the app.

Image showing new user retention in Firebase
New user retention in Firebase

For example, the above screenshot shows a cohort of users for an app. As you can see, the retention of users decreases down to 6.4% at the end of week 5 for the cohort Dec8-Dec-14 2019. Subsequently, the later cohorts are tracked with time. You can also get the exact value of users of the cohort if you point your cursor.

Strategies to retain customers

To retain your customers, it is important to implement strategies that will keep them satisfied! Here are a few ways you could invest your time in retaining your customers :

Create various audiences and make them feel special

Knowing the retention rate of users can help you target cohorts of audiences. Using the targeted audience, you can send push notifications offering discounts and prizes increasing your chances to retain those users.

If you don’t know much about creating an Audience, worry not. Click here to read a blog on the Audience in Firebase.

A weekly newsletter is never a bad idea

A regular newsletter to your customers giving them updates about the latest additions to your store or information about the next big sale is a good way of keeping your customers happy and in the loop.

It’s always a 2-way process! Get to know from your customer about your performance

Let your customers become your mentors who guide you to improvement. Constant feedback from your customers is one of the best ways to improve your business and help retain your customers. Make sure you tell your customers to rate your app and share their feedback. After all, our critics are our greatest mentors!

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