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How to Create an Online Store from Scratch in 2022

Here are the top 5 steps you have to follow to create an online store from scratch.

In the past, it was nearly difficult to set up an online store yourself. Business owners tightened their belts and took good sized sums of cash to internet layout agencies to get their custom designs carried out for loads or hundreds of dollars. In 2021, you can be getting started with eCommerce yourself when you have at the least the smallest choice to dig into the sector of internet layout and examine something new. 

At the identical time, you’ll spend your cash accurately and start an online store without breaking the bank. This article is for you as it tells the way to successfully set up WooCommerce shop that takes your commercial enterprise up a notch.

How to create an Online Store with WordPress?

Look at how to start an eCommerce business:

1. Choose A Template

The right template is an answer to how does WooCommerce makes money. So you have to focus on this step.

  • First, you need a responsive person because you can’t lose all these buyers on to go.
  • Second, you have to check if it’s cross-buyer compatible or not. Modern e-stores are essential for bringing your customers a consistent shopping experience.
  • Third, you have to choose a template that can provide a streamlined user experience.
  • After that, it’s important to focus on the support, and documentation because that will be a great guide that can save your time.

2. Domain Name And Hosting Plan

Next, you have to find a domain name for your e-store. In this regard, it’s advisable to prioritize domain names pick out the domains that are catchy and relevant.

  • If you propose to run a particularly small area of interest store, a shared web website hosting plan ought to be sufficient for you. You’ll additionally get an SSL certificate for your internet site to the security of the transactions.
  • You can go for the website hostings that supply satisfactory carrier. Those are Inmotion Hosting, Bluehost, SiteGround, HostGator, and A2 Hosting. A WooCommerce development company can help you in this case.

3. WordPress for starting an online business

We wanna tell you that WooCommerce is for WordPress pages. So, the second step is you have to install the WordPress platform.

After crossing this level, you will become a proud owner of your WooCommerce store. It’s may empty, but it’s already something that you wanted!

4. Choose the right theme

You need the right colour theme for your online portal. And it depends on what kind of products you are providing.

You can hundred of themes and colours with the help of the plugin.

Developers developed WooCommerce themes and you can choose from them. Those themes used by thousands of users around the globe.

5. Add Products

It’s not difficult at all to add products to the store and aligning them. Give the product title, details of the products, price. 

After that, provide the value of the stock quantity. Then you have to select the options for the backorder to manage the stock.

Besides, you have to add different payment options so that buyers can pay according to their preferences. 

Bonus Tip💡

Having a mobile app for your online store can be a great thing. It would be a stepping stone to your Marketing and Branding process. Mobile apps are a proven source for customer attraction and retention. 2020 has shown us how apps alone have played a great role in building customer loyalty for the brand, helping eCommerce stores generate more revenue. But the challenge is the time, effort, and money that is to be put in while creating an app for your store.

Being an Entrepreneur, your focus should be on the business and scaling it. Creating an app would be a part of it, but if you plan on designing it yourself too. That could sure eat up a lot of time from your business life and shift your focus from what company requires you for.

We have a perfect solution to this situation. Appmaker is a WooCommerce plugin to convert websites made on WooCommerce into native Android and iOS apps. To date, Appmaker has helped more than 2000 stores around the globe in building their own mobile apps themselves without the hassle of coding, designing, and crashing.

Watch this video to know more 👇

How to create an eCommerce Mobile app in 2021

Once you create your mobile app, in other terms you convert your WooCommerce website into app. Using the drag and drop function, you can design your app by adding Smart Banners, Grids, Sliders etc.

It is worth trying if you are planning to create an online store in 2021. Appmaker even has a 7-day free trial. Never know you fall in love with it or not, give it a try.


These steps seem very easy for setting up WooCommerce on WordPress, isn’t it? If you want to be a proud owner, you can either hire a WooCommerce development company and do the job on time or even try it yourselves.

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Already a WooCommerce store owner? Build a Mobile App to Win More Customers

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