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How to Use Social Media to Improve Customer Loyalty

Ways to improve customer loyalty are dependent on the nature of your eCommerce business. This pandemic has brought¬†a serious¬†shift to businesses by shifting majorly to digital.¬†During this¬†situation,¬†it’s¬†necessary¬†to grasp¬†a way to¬†increase your customer loyalty through social media channels. As per a study, around 97% of social media users follow¬†over¬†one or two brands on social media channels.

Improving customer loyalty

Promotional campaigns on Social Media

Conduct various promotional campaigns via social media. It is often a quiz, or any lucky draw or competition. You must confirm there are maximum engagements that will be generated by the prizes or provide you with more traffic.

You can also do promotional campaigns¬†to boost¬†loyalty through your customers themselves.¬†You’ll¬†engage them by making them promote your products through their image¬†along with your¬†product or videos of them talking about your product. Every business doesn‚Äôt work on¬†identical¬†strategies. Hence it might¬†not be a reliable method for all businesses.

Loyalty Program sign on

To improve the customer loyalty program, get your customers to¬†sign on¬†for your program with their social media profiles.¬†In this fashion,¬†you’ll¬†connect with them through their social media for the reward program.¬†You’ll¬†offer your customers loyalty points¬†for each¬†promotion¬†they are doing¬†for your products, like posting¬†a picture, writing a blog or article,¬†or maybe¬†a promotional review.¬†This may¬†also¬†facilitate your¬†urge¬†for new customers through your existing customers.

There are many businesses doing this method and find yourself spending little on advertisements and has become a giant hit among customer. Moreover, new customers also can join you through referral programs which might be again advertised through your existing customers.

Gaming on Social Media

Use games as a promotional loyalty program.¬†it’s¬†an easy¬†yet effective tool to¬†usher in¬†more interactions and attract your social media channel more. Simple games like find your product in between¬†a large¬†mess or any other small ideas can work for this. A study has shown that there¬†has been 50% boom in customer interactions and customer loyalty through this method.

Handle mistakes tactfully

When you are attempting to spice up your customer loyalty through social media, you have to handle your mistakes tactfully during a huge public forum. Additionally, maintain a correct schedule for your team to address the regular reviews and complaints. Your customer loyalty also depends on how well you cope with even the tiniest of the littlest problems.

Emotional connect

A good loyalty marketing firm doesn‚Äôt just use loyalty programs¬†to create¬†customer spend.¬†they fight¬†to create¬†an emotional connection between the customer¬†and also the¬†brand.¬†It’s¬†more of finding new methods and technologies¬†to interact¬†with them¬†in a¬†positive way.¬†Moreover, they must¬†be¬†interested in¬†your social pages with an emotional connection and not just with the intention¬†to shop for.


To sum up, loyalty program strategies are an element of eCommerce marketing. Try out these tips and formulate a good plan suitable to your business to improve customer loyalty.

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