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How-to Guide: Starting a Print on Demand Business

Have you ever thought of starting a Print on Demand ( POD) business? Why not? There are no restrictions on the quantities, the cost incurred is less and the survey on POD business shows a high success rate. Follow our steps to be a flawless POD entrepreneur.

Steps to start a print on demand business

Starting an online store from scratch involves many steps. Similarly, starting a print on demand business has the following steps.

Step 1. Idea Discovery

Rather than checking the product profitability always check a profitable product niche. Confused? Go ahead and read more.

There are two sides to the coin for this purpose. You can either go for a product niche or a subject niche.

a) Product niche is where you select a particular type of product. Then you need to stick only to that cluster of products. If you decide to sell glass vessels, you should sell various variants of glass vessels only. It can be of different sizes and shapes but the product will be only glass vessels.

b) A subject niche will be selecting any range of products. It can be bedsheets to household products. It can be anything which is the current trend or fashion.

You need to choose your product by doing a bit of survey. You can check the bestselling product of the year through google or you can check the bestseller products on few big-budgeted websites to get an idea.

Step 2. Design for your print on demand business

What you think is the best may not be the same for others. So you always need to get a reality check by validating your design. You can always depend on the internet for mixing up the best ideas, but make sure you do extra research.

a) Share your ideas on various platforms. It can be among your social networks, social media platforms, or any online portals where you can involve in a discussion on your idea. You need not disclose your idea completely, but a part of it and see the reactions pouring in. You will get frank and raw reactions of people which will help you to decide further.

b) If you feel your design has failed don’t try to re-create another one pushing yourself. Instead, ask for help. You can pay people for your Print On Demand business idea.

Step 3. Online store setup

Once your product is finalized you can go ahead with your online store or website. Design your website in a way that attracts your target audience. Your website is the face of your business, It should be welcoming and catchy. You need to follow a couple of steps to set up your website.

1. Domain

Find a domain that will be easy to remember and access. There are many free domains available. Initially, it is always better to go for free domains to create your website.

2. Set up an eCommerce platform

Once you get your domain ready select an eCommerce platform you would prefer to go with. There are various platforms but it is always better to go for an easier one. For example, WooCommerce is one of the best where you can sell services to content.

3. Shop designing

Create the content on your page and divide it into the homepage, product page, About us Page, Reviews and Testimonial, Rules and Regulations, Shipping Details, etc. The best designs will always give you good results as it is a way to bring trust among customers.

4. Print provider

You need to choose a POD plugin to complete your POD orders. You need to select the best app that suits you as your credibility and reputation will depend on that. Never compromise on this step.

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