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How to get started with eCommerce Product Photography

Creatively and tastefully arranged pictures and images never fail to grab the attention of the beholder. The same is applicable to eCommerce product photography. ECommerce websites that use beautiful product images and product photography techniques will definitely earn some growth for your business.

Let’s discuss how to get started with eCommerce product photography to attract customers and increase conversion rates.

Why Product Photography?

Have you ever felt that images speak louder than words ?

Superior quality product images are the crux of customer engagement, retention, and mainly customer lifetime value. So, if you want to increase your eCommerce or App discoverability you better improve your product photography techniques.

A creatively placed product image and thoughtfully chosen words in the product description section of your eCommerce website will definitely do you some good when it comes to driving sales. Professional product photography will positively build your brand while setting the right expectations about your products in the minds of customers.

1. Decide how you want your product to be photographed

Before you even start doing professional product photography, know what your style should be. Your product photography style must tell your story and define your brand. You can start by looking at industry examples and internet research.

Create your unique style

You can either choose white background style product photography or adopt an artistic approach with creative or scenic backdrops.

List your product photography ideas

Once you are sure and clear about the way you want to showcase your products, list your plan on how you want to use the props, the lights, the angle, and the types of shots. This helps you save time later in the process.

2. Decide your camera, lights, and background

Deciding a camera for your product photography is highly dependent on what you have and what you are confident about. If you are a savvy photographer, great! Refer to some guides before you buy a camera so that you can choose the camera for your product photography.

eCommerce product photography
Pro Tip – Shoot in RAW format for better edit control

In case, your smartphone makes you more confident, go for it as it will be easily accessible. All that matters is your comfort level on which the whole quality is dependent.

You don’t have to invest in a pricy camera or lightings to be creative about your product photos. Having a DSLR camera might help you have high-quality images, you can still excel the quality by making use of simple and inexpensive natural light.

Your research for gaining inspiration will certainly help you in setting the backdrop and recreating some of the backgrounds.

While you are at it, click lot many photos and pick the best!

3. Review and retouch

Techniques for successful product photography includes retouching and editing the images that you capture. Review all the shots, pick the best, and retouch to bring the best out of them. This step is essential as it makes sure that all the photos are resized and blemish-free while having a similar background and lightning.

Keeping all the images in the same or preset dimension will help you decide thumbnails and themes with less complications and cut-offs.

For a professional eCommerce website, editing the photos before adding them to your product listing will bring out the quality and, will ultimately drive more sales.

They are a few free image-editing tools available for you to use if you want to try a more polished and professional look.

Analyze the success of eCommerce Product Photography

As you keep trying and you will be able to get a hang of product photography in terms of its styling, lighting, and camera settings for eCommerce photography.

Like any other stage of eCommerce setup, you have to analyze the traffic data to understand the images that are attracting the customers well. This can help you rework the ones which aren’t performing well. Similarly, you may also compare and test the main image of the products and the home page images to see the ones that are effective in terms of conversions and traffic.

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