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Mobile apps are estimated to bring in $613 billion in revenue by 2025. You’re missing out on a piece of the pie if your company doesn’t have a mobile app. You can do the following with an eCommerce mobile app: Maintain constant contact with your audience. Gather input from them. Increase brand awareness and participation […]
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Do you want to start an eCommerce business using WooCommerce?  We have what you exactly need – A WooCommerce tutorial for beginners that gives you step-by-step instructions on how to install, configure and customize your WooCommerce store.  What to expect from this WooCommerce Store Setup Tutorial This all-comprehensive WooCommerce beginners guide helps you find the […]
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Google provides a lot of free tools through its analytics program with which you can optimize your website and view all the data you need to become more relevant online. Among these, WooCommerce Google Analytics analytics is essential to understanding your traffic sources, which pages and products customers engage with, and ultimately what drives conversions […]
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The future of eCommerce has been growing with the evolving technologies. Moreover, since the inception of the pandemic, the eCommerce industry has taken a tremendous pace. Businesses are looking for ways to boost eCommerce sales. Have a look at these interesting statistics below: With the emergence of WooCommerce, businesses have been building optimized and user-friendly […]
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You can use WooCommerce android app builders to restructure your online store for mobile devices. You’ll be able to reach a larger audience and make use of features like push notifications, which can help you boost purchases. We’ll go over the basics of WooCommerce app builders in this tutorial. Then, using Appmaker, we’ll show you […]
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Stellar eCommerce customer service is vital to earn customers’ confidence and boost repeated purchases. Studies show that almost 60% of the buyers stopped online purchases due to poor response from the customer service. The majority of them are millennials. Moreover, creating new customers is even more difficult and expensive than retaining the existing customers satisfied. […]