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Track eCommerce marketing activities

How to track your eCommerce marketing activities

ECommerce marketing activities, organically, increases as your store grows to process a higher volume of orders. It is then, you should focus on the metrices to find out which of your marketing strategies are bringing you results. Let’s start discussing…

eCommerce packaging solutions

All You Need to Know About eCommerce Packaging

ECommerce packaging is used synonymously with brand identity these days. Remarkably, a brand’s packaging and presentation influence the perception and create a long-lasting first impression. The curiosity of opening the package and a great unboxing experience will definitely attract the customer…

eCommerce customer service

eCommerce Customer Service: Ultimate Guide (2021)

Stellar eCommerce customer service is vital to earn customers’ confidence and boost repeated purchases. Studies show that almost 60% of the buyers stopped online purchases due to poor response from the customer service. The majority of them are millennials. Moreover,…