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How Live Chat on the Website Help You Get More Sales

Live chat on the website provides quick customer support and also boosts sales without increasing the cost. Learn how live chat on the website benefits your eCommerce business by reading this article and improve your sales now.

Benefits of having live chat on the Website

Live chat support facilitates smooth communication with your customers. Let’s have a look at the benefits more closely.

Increase sales and conversions

According to American Marketing Association, B2B companies who depend on a live chat show an average increase of 20% in conversions. Enabling live chat support helps you to hold your visitors’ by hand, help them tackle the hurdles, and reach a better decision. Live chat sales support can be used as if having a sales assistant by the visitors.

Reduce support costs

A live chat support system reduces the cost incurred by a business’s customer service team. In a normal customer service operation, an agent handles both phone and email requests. The live chat reduces costs up to 50% by being able to handle several customer chats at once.  

Build trust with buyers

In brick and mortar stores, customers get to interact with the sales assistants and thereby build trust and connection. On the other hand, online stores don’t have this leverage and hence it is advisable to establish trust by facilitating a direct conversation. This mainly closes the gap between online and offline shopping experiences.

Win an edge over your competitors

Allowing live chat to your customers offers you an excellent opportunity to attain a competitive benefit over your opponents. It differentiates you and helps you stand out among your rivals.

Increase average order value

Live chat not only helps you increase sales but also increases the value of the sales. By having an opportunity to interact with the customer, you can suggest related products and services by up-selling and cross-selling to increase the average order value.

Satisfy your customers with an improved website experience

Offering live interaction with the customers improves customers’ purchase experience. Providing a platform to interact and clear questions will create a memorable shopping experience. Therefore, this immediacy of experience becomes a major determinant for retaining the customers.

Moreover, having the queries answered while purchasing or subscribing to products online, makes a positive impact on the website shopping experience.

Lead generation

With live chat, you collect the contact information of your visitors and later follow up for sales leads. Also, this helps in recognizing the existing customers and thus providing a personalized experience.

Understand your customer needs better

Voice of Customer (VOC) data is a market research tool that helps you analyze your business from a customer’s point of view you see. This includes understanding the customer’s opinions, behavior, and thoughts. Using these data, the business can improve its product development and marketing.

One effective way to collect this VOC is to review the live chat transcripts containing the words, phrases, and questions. Thus, it helps you to optimize your marketing copy to eliminate fears and doubts.

Why Live chat is convenient for customers?

  • Customers can easily connect with an agent via live chat. There’s no need to call a number and press the button after button before speaking with a representative.
  • Customers can multitask when using live chat. This is likely the most significant advantage. For this reason, more than 51% of clients prefer live chat. Customers can do something else while waiting, even if it’s only for a brief time.
  • The time spent waiting is minimal. No more waiting on hold for hours — consumer concerns are quickly addressed.
  • The discussion may be saved for later. When past encounters can be referred to for context, it’s easier to advise people through challenges.
  • Customer issues are immediately resolved. While emails can necessitate a lengthy back and forth, live chat can address issues in a single session.
  • Customers can get immediate answers to their purchase-related questions. This is a significant advantage, as 44% of buyers believe that the opportunity to speak with an agent while shopping online is one of the best things a website can provide. Customers appreciate your assistance in making purchasing decisions.

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