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How to Increase Discoverability with Mobile App Store Optimization Search Results

Thinking about how to get your app discovered?

If you spent time developing and then uploading your app to any app store, chances are you want it to do well. You want your target audience to discover it, and you want your app downloads to skyrocket. All this is possible with the help of an App Store Optimization tutorial.

What is App store optimization (ASO)?

App store optimization is also sometimes called app search optimization or app store marketing. Some of the goals of app store search optimization include;

  • Discoverability of apps in the app store
  • High ranking of apps in various app stores like iTunes, Windows Store, and also Google play store
  • Increase in application download, etc.

How to increase discoverability with app search optimization

Whatever your goal is for your app in the app store, increasing app store optimization can help you achieve it with the right app store optimization strategy. Here are a few tips for optimizing your app in the app store.

1. Work on your App name, title, subtitle, and URL

The first step to optimizing your app is to name it strategically. Most people don’t know that the way they name their app plays a crucial role in its ranking.

So, in your app name;

  • Make sure to include your main keywords beside your brand name
  • Keep your brand name short and clear
  • Ensure the keywords you include clearly describe the primary purpose of your application
  • Ensure the keyword you choose provides some form of value to your target audience.

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A good example is the fitness app, FitnessBuddy. It is short, to the point, and provides insight into what value the app adds. The keywords “gym workout” and “Weight lifting tracker” clearly describe the purpose of the application.

When creating a name that helps your mobile ranking, avoid:

  • Keyword stuffing
  • Including irrelevant keywords anywhere in your app.

2. Target specific and relevant keywords

Another way to increase your app store ranking is to use the keyword field strategically. All app stores have a keyword field for app owners to list their relevant keywords. This plays a huge factor in your application’s ranking and app store optimization success.

So, when adding your target keywords to your keyword field, make sure;

  • You don’t repeat your keywords. If you have used the keyword in the app name or title, avoid using it in the keyword field.
  • Instead of separating keywords with spacing, separate them with commas. By doing this, you can rank a single keyword and a keyword combination. For example, writing your keywords like this; photo, editing will rank your application for ‘photo’, ‘editing’, ‘photo editing’, and even ‘editing photo’.

Basically, a keyword represents the features and benefits your app provides, so choose them wisely.

3. High app downloads

The higher your app download, the higher your app’s demand, and the higher your app’s value, it is that simple. Make an effort to increase the number of downloads for your app.

Some app developers believe they have no control over their app downloads. However, with strategic marketing and a good product, you can increase the number of downloads for your app.

You can also work on increasing your app downloads by:

  • Tracking user activity to see what stage people stop using your app and how people are using your app.
  • Run competitor analysis to find out what your competitors are doing that’s working for them.

4. Build positive ratings and increase your mobile app optimization reviews

Another way to increase your app store ranking is to increase your ratings and the number of reviews you have on the App Store.

Apps with a higher rating on the app store are ranked higher than those without. It doesn’t matter if the ratings are not all positive.

But, the chances are that you want all positive ratings for an app you have invested so much time and energy in developing.

While it might not be possible to have all positive ratings, you can increase the number of positive ratings you get by:

  • Connecting better with your customers within your app
  • Guiding your satisfied customers back to the app store to leave positive ratings
  • Reading the negative ratings, your users leave your app and work to correct their complaints

5. Work on the visual assets of your app

It’s not just the text on the app store that is important to your mobile ranking. Visual assets also play a key role in app discoverability.

By visual assets, we mean the screenshots you add to your app page, your logo, the app icon, etc.

Visuals will attract users to click on your app and check it out, and if they like how it looks, they could proceed to download it to try it out. So, ensure you create captivating visuals for your app store.

Here are a few tips for creating visuals to help optimize app search:

  • Don’t use too many unnecessary colors or add unnecessary details when creating your app visuals
  • Leave room for white space in your app graphics
  • Try to keep your visualization creative yet straightforward
  • Use screenshots to showcase your apps’ best features to your target audience
  • Add text and a call to action in your first three screenshots. By doing this, you engage your target audience
  • Add feature graphics like videos or images to your app page
  • Avoid using screenshots that ask users to log in, register, and pay for something. Instead, use screenshots that welcome users, explain the usefulness of the app, etc

6. Create a mobile-friendly description for your app

Do you know that only 5% of app users will click on the ‘see more’ button on an app store listing? Think of the remaining 95% of users who aren’t seeing all the useful information you have after the ‘see more’ fold.

You can carry out App store search optimization by ensuring you utilize the 252 characters before the ‘see more’ fold.

Draft a copy that sells the values of your app. You can use bullet points and emojis to improve copy readability. Alternatively, you can hire professional writers from custom writing reviews websites like Best Writers Online to help with your ASO mobile optimization and mobile-optimized copy.

In conclusion

Improving discoverability for your app store by using app store optimization is essential. That said, note that you have to carry out constant app store optimization tests as things are always changing in various app store environments.

So, as a part of your ASO research and development, track your KPIs, analyze your results, and optimize your apps based on your results.

Finally, if you aren’t a professional at crafting ASO copy, hire professionals from writing services reviews websites like Online Writers Rating to help you get started.

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