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Are mobile apps for eCommerce effective than a website?

Are mobile apps for eCommerce more effective than a website? If your answer is no, then look at the numbers given below.

According to Statista, in 2020, the number of mobile users worldwide stood at 6.95 billion, with forecasts suggesting this is likely to rise to 7.1 billion by 2021. From banking to shopping to booking tickets, hotels, and services, users today are getting their day-to-day tasks accomplished more over mobile apps.

Smart businesses are realizing this trend and are enhancing their mobile presence scalability. Today mobile apps are more significant in a digital road map. With users spending more time on their mobile phones, not having mobile apps for your business is an opportunity lost.

Decoding the importance of mobile apps for eCommerce, here is an insight into how apps are allowing businesses to drive sales, build brand image, and improve digital presence.

Mobile apps are more personalised

mobile apps for eCommerce are personalised

One big benefit of mobile apps for eCommerce is the fact that they come with a lot of personalized features. Based on a user’s location, usage behavior, interests, browsing or purchase history, mobile apps can offer tailored recommendations, geography-based content, etc. This makes shopping more convenient for the users while giving a thrust to sales for the business. Personalization is what makes apps get a higher conversion rate than websites.

Ease of sending notifications

mobile apps for eCommerce help in sending Push notifications

Consumers prefer non-intrusive notifications while businesses want to send instant notifications. Mobile apps for eCommerce accomplish both of these seamlessly with push notifications. Such instant notification stands head and shoulders above the traditional email notifications which websites typically use. These traditional notifications mostly go into spam folders or promo folders and get ignored. So, with in-app and push notifications, users stay connected with their trusted brand at all times.

Higher conversion rates

mobile apps for eCommerce boost conversion rates

Compared to websites, mobile apps are more targeted and hence more suitable to tap specific user categories in the funnel. Mobile apps are effective in capturing both ‘top of the funnel’ and ‘bottom of the funnel’ users. But a website, on the other hand, reaches out to a diverse set of users.

Enhanced user interactivity

mobile apps for eCommerce enhance user interactivity

With mobile applications, businesses can enhance the average time users spend on their applications. Higher user interactivity via contests, games, or AI-based tools can result in a higher conversion of product sales. Interactive mobile apps also work well from a consumer’s point of view, allowing them to get close to their brand and brand ambassadors. Enhanced user interactivity offered by mobile apps doubles up as a great branding exercise. While being interactive to an extent, websites fall short when it comes to offering an on-the-go experience.

Improved speed

improved speed

A well-designed app can work much faster than a business website. This is because a mobile app usually stores the data locally, as compared to web servers storing website data. Data retrieval, therefore, is faster, resulting in a much more seamless experience for shoppers. Even the underlying framework used by most mobile app builders ensures higher speeds.

The road to building mobile applications

building mobile apps for eCommerce

While mobile applications are more effective than a website, the road to building a mobile app must be tread carefully. Depending on the underlying business website, selecting the right mobile app builder tool is important. For example, let’s say you already have a Woocommerce-based store. Here, a custom eCommerce app that allows third-party plug-in support can help transition smoothly from an online store to a mobile app.

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WooCommerce mobile app builder

Appmaker WooCommerce Plugin is a WooCommerce plugin that lets you create native apps for your eCommerce website with a number of fascinating features that work on both iOS and Android platforms. Additionally, this plugin enhances the customer experience and motivates them to return for additional transactions.

Instantly create a native app (basic version) for your WordPress eCommerce business with the Appmaker WooCommerce plugin. All you have to do now is enter your app’s store URL and name, and you’re done! The basis of your eCommerce store has been laid. It links your website to the mobile app and transfers all of your WooCommerce website’s products, categories, payment methods, menu items, and more automatically.

Conclusion: Mobile apps for your online store are a great way to make your online brand presence more streamlined compared to a website. And, mobile app builders are the smartest way to build a perfect store mobile app.

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