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Ways to Increase WooCommerce Site Speed

Increasing your website speed is all about respecting your customer’s time. Nobody likes to wait in real life or online. This is the reason why almost all ecommerce stores now prefer Web Performance Optimization (WPO). A customer’s attention span is just a few seconds when it comes to deciding whether to stay on a page or not. Therefore, speeding up your checkout will also help you not to lose customers that would have purchased your products. 

Let us discuss speeding up your WooCommerce stores to the maximum and make sure the store remains an important component in your online business setup.

How to speed up WooCommerce website

There are a few tools available online to measure the loading time of a website.  Measuring your site’s speed will help you decide how your site performs now and with the surge in its load. This presents you with a good idea of how swiftly your site loads and shows you optimization improves load time. After checking out these metrics, you can decide on how to increase the WooCommerce site speed.

Declutter the DB requests

Decluttering the database requests will speed up your WooCommerce site speed. You need to remove the revisions already present in the database. WP-Optimize plugin helps you with this. It not only removes troublesome revisions but also declutters the entire WooCommerce store database. It is also feasible to automate the cleaning process so you can work without any glitches.

Optimize WooCommerce Images for Web

A WooCommerce store loaded with heavy images and large image files can slow down your site. Images eat up 51% of all web content and also make up for 50% of the page load time. This is why optimizing and consolidating your product images is a must. To tackle this, you can either manually shrink your images through Photoshop which you know is tiresome, or use automatic image compression and optimization plugins to increase the speed of your WooCommerce store. This will enable performance optimization and decrease your image sizes without jeopardizing the image quality.

Choose a reliable hosting service

Picking a high-quality and fast hosting service for your WooCommerce store must be a prime priority. A hosting service promotes the use of a host server to store your website elements such as media and files. Thus, it negatively influences your WooCommerce store performance if low-quality hosting is utilized. A high-grade quality hosting provider must be adaptable to the changes as your WooCommerce store turns bigger.

Optimize your Website code and HTML Code

Your HTML code is the roadmap for servers to understand. Experts recommend running through your code with a fine comb, to speed up your WooCommerce store dramatically. It is recommended to reduce the number of style sheets and go for file condensation to decrease the size of static sources. Try implementing this and you will increase your WooCommerce site speed.

Minimize Redirects

Every time someone clicks on a link to a page on your store, the server counts it as a redirect. Typically, the server has to engage visitors to the correct location. Although it takes only a few seconds, it may feel like an eternity to the users and is a direct contributor to the abandonment rate of your store. Thus, if you can reduce the number of redirects, you will see a notable rise in the page load speed as it is a verified WooCommerce optimization technique. This should also be taken into consideration when thinking about how to speed up your WooCommerce checkout.

Use Server and Browser Cache

Caching basically facilitates business owners to speed up their WooCommerce stores by caching or storing a copy of the store’s resources. It decreases the amount of data being sent between the shopper’s browser, the database, and the server so that future requests for that data can be served quicker. 

The server is accountable for generating the web page, server caching enables it to recall how that web page looks like so that it won’t create it again the next time. Browser cache is capable of remembering how a web page looks like so it won’t have to ask the server to give the web page all over again. There are some WordPress Cache plugins that will help you fix this issue.

Improve Web Design and choose Lightweight Theme

Do not forget that all these design factors have an immediate impact on the speed of your WooCommerce store.  Good performance is good design combined with ease of operation.

When achieving the theme of your website, it is better to pick a theme that is lightweight and optimized for performance. In addition to being sensitive, the theme should have a clean codebase that prioritizes speed over aesthetics. This will help you increase the WooCommerce site speed.

Use WordPress CDN

A content delivery network (CDN) is a network of distributed servers around the world. It downloads images, videos, and other assets from your site and serves them through its own network, taking the strain off of your server. It loads your site from the server that’s closest to each individual customer. This means that every single visitor gets the most optimal speed experience.

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Final Thoughts

Speed is money for eCommerce sites. Hope this article helps you identify any bottlenecks and help you speed up your WooCommerce website.

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