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Top Reasons for App Abandonment

App abandonment is simply the act of your users abandoning your app at various points even before signing up, making a purchase, or at check out.

Have you ever made an attempt to find out the reasons for increasing app abandonment rates and get back to your customers to reach the sale cycle? We have gathered a few reasons why customers abandon your app, and according to a Google Survey, there are plenty.

Reasons for app abandonment

New app

When your app is new it takes customers time to get adjusted to it. People need to get used to the habit of using your app. It will take time but you should also give them reasons to get addicted to your app. Platforms like Facebook, and Instagram attract people in a way that one notification pulls their attention to it. For this make your app user-friendly and fast. People should get what they want in a flash.

For this, make sure your customer is satisfied with your app in the first use. Customize your app with an exclusive alert sound, so that your customer is aware and tends to check your app.

Poor onboarding experience

A poor onboarding experience is a reason why most apps are abandoned. When a customer finds himself using the app for too long and yet not getting what he wants they tend to abandon the app. Everybody needs fast services now. Your app should show the things they need in their first attempt.

This issue has to be dealt with by the developers of your app. The developers need to know what the users are expecting from your app and make their journey easier. Is it a quick buy option, or is it to buy later, etc. For this take surveys to know the user purpose and combine it with your analytical tools to understand the need in detail.

No previous buyers

When a customer tends to purchase from a new app they always tend to check the previous purchases made. As a new app, if they don’t tend to see this they may abandon your app. Make sure there is something special you provide your customer for the first purchase. It can be a discount coupon or an offer exclusively for them.

App Forgotten

A majority of people forget the apps they download. This could be the same for your app. They may not be coming back to your app, as it has completely gone out of their mind. There are a few things you can do to ensure your customers are reminded about your app and to ensure climbing app retention rates.

  • Push Notifications
  • Attach links to your site in newsletters
  • Run an email campaign
  • Link app with website
  • Your app should be mentioned in all your commercials and ads.

App Crash due to technical issues

Make sure you check and solve your app issues on a regular basis. When an app crash happens it can irritate the customer. If it happens frequently you are gifting your customer to your competitor. You can also ask your customer to send a report once their issue is rectified. There are other platforms too through which you can keep a watch on your app.

Too many push notifications

Too much of anything becomes poison. It is the same with push notifications. These are needed but not every now and then. If you send too many push notifications, instead of reminding them about your app, it will irritate your customers and force them to delete your app. Too many push notifications will only give a negative impact.

Lack of security

Security is a very important aspect of a digital media forum and plays an important role in boosting user retention and app retention rates. Your app should be safe for your customer’s personal information, including their phone number, card details, etc. According to a survey, 85% of apps have security issues. If a customer feels your app is not secured enough, they are sure to abandon it.

Complicated checkout

There are customers who abandon the app during the checkout process. It is mainly because of the long processes and when there are fewer payment options. Make sure you keep guest checkout and a login checkout so that the customers can choose what they want. Use the best payment gateways so that your users do not abandon your app at the final level of their purchase journey.

Abandoning apps is a result of bad marketing, which you can easily rectify if you are alert to rectifying the above common mistakes. Keep a tab on your app abandonment rates periodically to ensure that you are on the right track for user retention.

Final takeaway

App abandonment can cause serious damage to your business and for the same reason, proper strategies such as user retention programs such as user segmentation, user surveys, referral options, and feedback scores must be put in place.

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