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Social Media strategies to drive traffic to an eCommerce store

Setting up a goal before you start anything is very necessary. A chiseled view of how you want your store to be should be there in mind in order to set up the tackling tactics. The owner is supposed to set a measurable target like the amount of traffic he needs to drive into his store, engagement to sales, etc. and calculate the social media strategies to execute this and drive more traffic to your store.

Social media plays a vital role in the development of an e-commerce store. Since social media is largely influencing a major part of today’s population. Most of the people depend on social media to make their buying decisions. You cannot sustain in the field of the online market without the aid of social media. But attracting customers to your e-commerce store through social media is not an easy task. For this, you will have to follow several social media strategies. The systematic execution of these strategies will help drive more traffic to your e-commerce store.

So, let us discuss a few of the social media strategies that help drive more traffic to your e-commerce store.

Optimize the product pages

Make sure that you focus greatly on optimizing the product pages with regard to SEO as well as design. The product title has to be something that people are searching for. So perform some keyword research on this to discover what consumers search from your store. Also, try to include a quality description of the product that can excite the customers and thereby dragging more people into your store.

Design and product photography is hugely important in attracting customers. The photography has to be really clean and professional. Also, adding a product video along with this would be massively valuable for the customers to understand more about your product. Thus building trust, making more customers attracted to your store.

Use a good shopping cart

Use good shopping carts like Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, etc which works really well from the perspective of SEO, design, paid search, running paid ads on social media, etc. Therefore it provides everything you need to scale your business and helps you with its support team to back you up.

Use reviews of your products

Focus on adding reviews on your product pages. Most of the customers check the online reviews and ratings before purchasing any product, also some people trust these reviews more than personnel recommendations. Studies have shown that if you have reviews on your product pages it can increase your conversion rate significantly up to 400%. You can also add trust badges on your page that specifies fast shipping, free shipping, etc.

Schema markup

When the customers search for products on the Google search page, before they even go to your website, they are going to see what google calls product rich card. It shows the product information and other useful information right there on the search page itself. This gives you an advantage over your competitors by making you visible organically to people while they are searching on these search pages. The Schema markup testing tool tells you if you have the proper schema markup or not, if not you can add that to avail these advantages.

Invest in running product ads

Your social media marketing can be taken to the next level by investing in product ads with Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms. Optimize your product ads based on results that can help you dramatically boost your e-commerce store traffic.

Retargeting campaigns

It helps to remind the customers about the products on your page after they leave your site without purchasing. The customers will see banner ads of your brand actually showing the specific products that they looked at. So it is very relevant in reminding the customers about your products until they buy those products. You can also run retargeting on Facebook and Instagram as well. So when the customers just move through the Facebook or Instagram feed they will get to see the ad for your brand. Thus bringing more sales back to your business.

Start a blog

Maintain an effective blog with quality content that can showcase the features and uniqueness of your company. A blog post can help in the development of many social media posts that can drive followers into your website. Moreover, websites with blog are found to be more trusted by the customers, so in this way it helps to build credibility.

If blogging is taken seriously, it helps to improve SEO and highlights the features of your store. Thereby driving more traffic to the store. Blogs are actually considered as a significant platform, where you can convey all the attributes about the store and the product to reach the relevant audience.

Maintain better interaction

Social media provides a lot of opportunities to effectively interact with people. Customers can be engaged to your website by responding to their comments. You can conduct live chats that can help you interact with people and have conversations on industry topics, trending news, etc.

Use hashtags 

Hashtags help the customers to locate your content more easily. It helps to promote your store and extend the reach of your post. It mainly focuses on product promotion by allowing you to interact with the target audience using these tags. You can also run several marketing campaigns for your product by making use of these hashtags.

It is considered to be the most effective way for customer engagement. Customers can share reviews of their shopping experience using these hashtags. Above all, it helps the users to keep a watch on the target audience, thereby gives a clear understanding of their perception about the company and the product.


At present, social media is considered to be the most effective platform to interact with people. Therefore, you can attract more people to your e-commerce store with the help of this. Since several people are depending on social media for almost everything. The social media strategies are best proven to drive more traffic to the e-commerce store. A few of those strategies are listed above. The users can adopt any strategy according to their convenience to drive more traffic.

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