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WooCommerce Product Search Plugin

A quality search system is considered to be one of the most essential factors to enhance a WooCommerce store. A well-built search system is equivalent to constructing a strong foundation for your WooCommerce store. Therefore, you need to choose the best WooCommerce product search to make this possible.

Advanced Woo Search plugin is the best solution for all your queries. It is a robust search plugin for WooCommerce that efficiently supports Ajax search and search results page display. The plugin helps you to search across all your WooCommerce products. The searches are also well organized into title, content, tags, ID, etc. making your search simpler and presentable.

Performance characteristics of WooCommerce product search

User friendly

The plugin offers a highly user-friendly settings page availing a lot of options to customize your search. You also have the provision to position your search box anywhere with the help of shortcodes and widgets.

Optimized search results

It generates well-defined search results which include everything about the product such as product image, price, review, etc. The search results are regularly integrated into your current page layout. Thus, automatically synchronize all the product data. So, you do not have to arrange the content after every change.


Allows you to search the products according to the categories and tags. The plugin features smart ordering by prioritizing the search results based on the source where they were found. It also allows Stop Words to eliminate specific words from the search.


The plugin supports variable products. Also, it customs Product Tabs and supports you by giving faster search results.

Interesting features

Advanced Woo Search plugin supports

  1. Plural and Synonyms
  2. Diacritical marks
  3. Google Analytics
  4. WPML multi-currency
  5. WPML, Polylang, WooCommerce Multilingual, and qTranslate.
  6. Appmaker WooCommerce

Other Highlights

  • Search results layout and form layout. Also, filters option to choose between tabs in order to display different and better WooCommerce product search results.
  • Includes product attributes, custom taxonomies, and custom fields search.
  • Source of image mentioned in search results. You can also choose the visibility and stock status of the products in the search results.
  • Add to cart button to easily add products to the cart.
  • AND or OR search logic.

Learn more about this plugin

powerful search plugin for WooCommerce

How to set up?

  • Navigate to the Dashboard, select Add New option in the Plugins, and install the Advanced Woo Search plugin. Once the installation is complete, activate the plugin.
  • Go to the Adv. Woo Search plugin settings page. Click on the Reindex Table in the General Tab in order to update all data in the plugin index table. Also, edit the other settings in this tab as required.
  • In the General tab, you will have the option to edit the search settings and search source as required. You can add tags, ID, category, etc. to different products to help make your search simple.
  • Now copy the shortcode in the General tab. And then select Widgets option from Appearance.
  • In the provided widget, select the Text widget and set it to the Sidebar.
  • Here, you can see the title which you have given. And in the space below, paste the shortcode which you have copied earlier. Then, click on the Save button.
  • Now, in the Search Form tab, you will get the options for optimizing your text. Like what text and how you want to show it in the front end, etc. Also, it gives the options on how you want your result to be displayed. Then edit the other options in the tab as required. 
  • You can edit the settings in the Search Form tab as required, You can also select how you want your search result to be. 
  • Move to the Search Results tab. It provides the functionality of what content and how many results you want to show in your search result. Also, a few other settings related to the search result are available which you can edit as required.
  • In the Search Results tab, you can set up the display of your search result. It includes how your content description wants to be like, the description length, maximum number of results, etc.
  • Finally, go to the front end to see the functionality. You can see the Advanced Woo Search option in the front end. Here you can make your search. And it will provide you with the Ajax search result according to the search you perform.

In the mobile app

Similarly, on the Appmaker mobile app, the search form page will appear as per the settings you have given.


Day by day, the popularity of the Advanced Woo Search plugin is skyrocketing. It is simply the amazing features of the plugin which is responsible for this. You can search across all your WooCommerce products with this single plugin. The plugin is largely user-friendly which is what that incite more people to use this. It supports the AJAX search and several other features. Therefore it becomes the best and the most efficient option to build a better search system.

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