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Top WordPress Search Plugins 2020

A well functioning search system is very necessary for every website these days. Fortunately, this need is fulfilled with the help of amazingly designed WordPress search plugins. A good search plugin makes your search system fast and accurate. 

WordPress search plugins have all the necessary features to enhance your search system. They provide a clear and recognizable search bar. It helps you to make the search easier by allowing phrase searching and by effectively sorting the contents in order to narrow down the search result. Therefore they provide you with a search system that is more engaging and flexible.

Now let us discuss some of the best WordPress search plugins, which you can use for your website to make it more effective.

Search Tap

Search Tap offers a fast & relevant search technology for eCommerce stores built on Shopify, Magento 1 & 2, WooCommerce, and custom platforms. Integrating SearchTap is simple as it requires minimal IT requirement and no infrastructure investment. They offer a unique search-as-you-type experience that has helped over 250 stores worldwide improve search-led conversions.

What makes their product stand out is their responsive search UX that looks and performs like an app on mobiles devices. SearchTap comes with a rich dashboard to track popular and No-Result queries and custom Search related events can also be tracked on Google Analytics.


  • Best cloud infrastructure.
  • Search Tap offers multilingual support.
  • It provides location-based results tracked on Google Analytics.
  • Highly customizable and can be easily integrated with even mobile devices.
  • It provides the feature of autocomplete making your search fast.

Ivory Search

Ivory Search is a user friendly but highly developed WordPress search plugin. It helps to customize your search by creating a limitless number of search forms and allowing you to do all kinds of searches on particular content. Searches can be organized into a specific content such as posts designed on a particular date, posts secured with or without password, posts with a certain number of comments, posts with the desired metadata, posts generated by a particular author, etc. Thus it narrows down the burden of sorting and filtering contents.

Also, Ivory Search supports you in styling your theme for the search form. It is incorporated with a lot of famous plugins like WooCommerce, WPML, etc. 


  • Offers multilingual search support.
  • Ajax search: Ivory Search changes any search form into the Ajax search, thus making the search easier for the users.
  • Customizes the search form to optimize the color, style, and text.
  • You can search for various WooCommerce products using Ivory Search
  • The functionality of the search form can be configured to any extent. 

Advanced Woo Search

Advanced Woo Search is a robust WordPress search plugin for WooCommerce. It helps to search for all the WooCommerce products easily. It is a user-friendly search plugin with all the necessary features. The search results produced are fast and accurate specifying the product price, product image, etc. They support different kinds of products and instinctively organize all product data. It integrates with most of the plugins like WooCommerce, WPML, polylang, etc. Shortcode is available to place the search bar anywhere on the screen. It also helps to make your search easy by allowing terms search, search according to categories, tags, contents, etc.


  • Supports Ajax search.
  • Supports plurals and synonyms.
  • Highly customizable.
  • Allows you to track the website using google analytics.
  • Provides diacritical marks support which helps you with the pronunciation of an unknown letter. 

Better Search

Better Search is a powerful search engine that gives you the most accurate search results. It also helps the users to get their search results quickly and easily. Better Search allows you to customize the search by allocating more significance to either title or content. You can also extend the plugin’s features using several filters and actions. It also helps you to track the searches, thus making your search more efficient.

Better search offers different templates and themes. So that you can ideally combine the search results. Once activated, it will automatically replace the already existing WordPress search system to produce better results. It also helps you discover popular searches by displaying it in the form of a heatmap. 


  • Efficiently filters and sorts the search results according to relevance.
  • Supports cache plugins like WP-Super-Cache and W3 total cache.
  • Allows translation of the search results.
  • Open-source software.
  • Supports the use of template files within your theme.

Search WP

Search WP is a well-built WordPress search plugin that fixes most of the flaws in WordPress search. It provides all the information about the products including SKUs, product variations, etc. Search WP organizes PDF and office document contents making it easy for the users to search the contents.

WordPress search considers only title, content, and excerpt to sort the contents, but Search WP sorts the contents according to all the attributes including custom fields, taxonomies, comments, categories, tags, etc. They provide a search result that is well assembled and filtered based on relevance. They also provide Custom field content and custom Database Tables to well organize the contents and data.

Search WP allows automatic integration with the existing WordPress search system. Thus allowing different search engines with different settings to meet your needs. The ranking of search results is customized using Search WP’s insightful interface and weighing system. Above all, It provides search statistics so that the users will get an idea about the most searched products.


  • Easy digital downloads integration ensuring that the customers find their products easily and constructively.
  • Allows keyword stemming that makes the search easier.
  • It integrates with several plugins including WooCommerce.
  • bbPress integration to help easily add forums into a WordPress website, thus ensuring a relevant search.
  • Integrates WP Job Manager to allow job-board functionality.


It is not a difficult task to drive more traffic into your website if you have the best features. An efficient search system is one of the most important attributes for the success of a website. So, here we have discussed a few of the most popular WordPress search plugins. Every search plugin has got its own unique features. It is then the choice of the user to select the most appropriate plugin for their website. Thus, you can customize your website effectively using these plugins.

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