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How To Further Optimize Your Mobile App For Google Search

Why do you think it is important to optimize your app for Google search?

Optimizing your mobile app for search engine apps like Google Search is important as it is the main contributor to organic traffic to your business. ASO Mobile app optimization is the process of optimizing a mobile app in order to boost its visibility and conversion rates.

However, there are some more points that you need to look into in order to further optimize your app for Google search.

Optimizing your mobile app for Google search

Mobile site optimization is of growing importance these days. This can be taken care of when you plan to create an eCommerce app without coding or when you decide to convert the Shopify store to a mobile app.

1. Place your brand in the app name and in the URL

A business’s brand name is crucial while carrying out the efforts to optimize your app for Google search. Therefore, use your brand name as a link text on your app page in the Google App Store and other Android markets. This helps Google easily find your app and thus earn you visitors.

Also, be sure to feature your brand name in the download page URL, in order to complete the optimization.

2. Include links to your app page on your own site

While optimizing your website with backlinks, ensure that you place links to your app pages on your website. This is very critical and often forgotten by business owners. Including links to your app from your homepage and site, footer will positively boost your app’s rankings more than you realize.

3. Use the brand name in the anchor text

Anchor text plays a significant role in making your page rank well on the web. Always include your brand name in the anchor text that is used to download your app URL. Do not just give the link to App Store and Android play store.

4. Provide a QR code to download the app

Providing a QR code for downloading your app will make it easier for your customers to get your app. Scanning the QR code will lead the customers to your app page. The only thing that you have to do is to ensure that you compress the app page link. This gives you a lower-density QR code that looks good on your website.

5. Promote your app to mobile web users

Creating an app for your eCommerce store is always a good idea. But it will be of no use if you don’t promote it well. Users who are already visiting your mobile site are the easiest to convert into mobile app users. Giving a better mobile experience will encourage them to spend more time in your store, which will benefit you for sure. A call-to-action button on your web page will do the magic!

6. Encourage ratings, reviews, and other user content

Customer reviews and ratings are an integral part of any successful eCommerce business. Asking your users to drop a review within the app is the smartest way of getting a review.

Encouraging user-generated content is an efficient marketing method as it is done by the customer. These can be in the form of social media posts, blogs, etc.

7. Mobile keyword ranking

Mobile keyword ranking is crucial for marketing technology applications (app). You may assess how well your app stands out when specific keywords are utilised by using mobile keyword ranking. Making sure your app ranks highly for all pertinent keywords will help you draw in the most users possible. You can increase the amount of money your app generates through the use of an efficient mobile keyword ranking approach.

Final thoughts

Try out these simple methods to learn how to optimize your app in Google search and drive up your sales!

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