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Appmaker integration with searchtap: Improved Shopify eCommerce search solutions

In today’s eCommerce industry, the importance of the right eCommerce search solutions is ever-increasing. Customers are inundated with options, which can be both overwhelming and confusing. Customers might feel that finding the right product is time-consuming and futile after scrolling through infinite options.  In the end, customers are either caught in the sales funnel or abandon their cart due to indecision.

Why do you need an eCommerce search solution?

An eCommerce site search solution allows eCommerce merchants to make associations between search phrases that have similar meanings in order to provide the same results. For example, a business that sells masks only lists the items with the term “masks” in the name. Customers looking for “facemasks” would come up empty-handed and abandon the site.

Essential capabilities of an eCommerce site search solution

ECommerce site search solutions come with a variety of functions. Following are a few essential qualities that your site must have in order to succeed:


To begin, the solution needs to give users contextually appropriate search results so they can quickly locate what they’re looking for. As a result, the eCommerce search engine must be able to decipher complicated semantics and language, deal with synonyms and misspelled words, and sensibly order results. It should also allow you to rank outcomes depending on your business goals, objectives, and the metrics you wish to improve, such as sales volume, profits, and more.


Accurate results are worthless if the site search does not return them to customers in a timely manner. Fast outcomes are expected by today’s internet users. Customers are irritated by slow websites, which leads them to go to a competitor’s site. The eCommerce site search solution should reduce network latency and optimize computing complexity.

Reliability and scalability

ECommerce sites require a high level of uptime in order for customers in different time zones to be able to make purchases at any time of day. Similarly, the ideal eCommerce search solution for your company must be highly available, with up-to-date indexes. To manage the expanding catalog sizes, user counts, and content types, the system must be scalable.


A site search system should deliver results that are appropriate to the particular user who is conducting the query, in addition to presenting relevant results for a user query. For instance, if a customer of a fashion business only buys female clothing, it is logical to predict that she will continue to be interested in female clothing in the future, and search results can be prioritized to show these items first. Personalization can boost customer trust in a business while also allowing for cross-selling and upselling alternatives.


Site search optimization demands regular maintenance and refining, as well as being responsive to your consumers’ needs. When shopping, customers show their intent immediately through their actions. Search analytics can also provide useful information for the rest of the company, such as how to improve the catalog or optimize the SEO approach. Conversion metrics, keywords that aren’t yielding results, keywords that aren’t converting, and so on must all be tracked by eCommerce operators. Non-technical people should be able to monitor and evaluate site search data with ease using a site search system.

Integration with major eCommerce platforms

Site search systems must be able to quickly interact with eCommerce platforms like Shopify, Magneto, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, and WooCommerce to prevent major custom development work. The connection should typically take the form of a simple plugin that allows marketers and business owners to simply change ranking elements and manage the system as needed.

Appmaker integration with SearchTap

Appmaker is constantly working to expand our eCommerce ecosystem and improve the customer experience so that the businesses with whom it collaborates are always satisfied and successful. Providing direct value to other app users builds a unique selling proposition for the app among a whole new set of potential customers. Integration with SearchTap is another sensible Shopify store search option that will make the eCommerce business process easy for both app users and business owners.

Why SearchTap eCommerce search solution?

SearchTap assists you in providing your clients with the greatest possible search experience by delivering effective findings at lightning speed. To help clients obtain relevant results from the first input, we deploy sophisticated predictive analytics and agile machine learning algorithms.

Customers can access relevant results in seconds thanks to SearchTap’s ability to predict what they’re looking for as they type. Customers’ search queries are automatically completed by SearchTap, which draws product choices from a large catalog. Relevant products, along with photographs, prices, and ratings, are displayed from the first keystroke, allowing users to preview products before proceeding to the search results page, even before completing the entire search query. The powerful technology in SearchTap makes phrase search a breeze. Visitors can save time and increase product discovery by using advanced search features like autocomplete and popular search suggestions.

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