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Conversion Tracking with Firebase

So you’ve made your eCommerce store online nice and working, and you are getting a few users too. But hold on, do you have a track of the traffic and the total conversions for your app/website? Freaked out? Don’t be! Today’s world has a solution to all problems and lets me help you with one of the best solutions – Firebase Conversion Tracking!

Tell me more about Firebase Conversion Tracking

Animated image showing Firebase Conversion tracking

Firebase conversions are one of the most powerful tools that help you track the number of users that have become your customers. These users may have installed your app or may have extended up to making a purchase too – basically, firebase conversion is all about describing the life-time value (LTV) of users.

What determines Conversion in Firebase?

In firebase, you can track your conversion by these following events:

Image showing events to track firebase conversion
Events to track conversion in Firebase

These events determine the conversion rate of users in the app and website. Let us understand deeper with an example. 

Considering the event first_open. It determines the number of users downloading the app and opening it for the first time. When I click on the first_open event, firebase redirects me to delve deeper into how my app has received users using the mentioned event. 

Image showing an event that determines conversion in Firebase
Event showing conversion in Firebase

The above screenshot shows that the app has acquired around 24k first_open(s) in the last 90 days. You can also notice the unusual rise in the graph. This might indicate a promotional event of the app/website that had proved useful and invited a steep ascent in the acquiring of users.

Image showing detail of the event
Detailed information about the event

The above image gives a deeper detail on the medium by which the users where acquired. Majority of the users were acquired by direct search of the app in google and download it. A lot of them were acquired by Google play store, normal google search and the app link on the website. All the data about the source of acquiring the users is given in detail. The data also describes the exact number of users acquired, the number of purchases done, the revenue generated and their Lifetime Value (LTV).

Let us filter out the users who had the first_open conversion but did not make a purchase. The below screenshot shows that out of 24k first_open users, only 921 users made a purchase which amounts to only 3.8% of all users. Any thoughts for improving the first_open user conversion?

Image showing
Apply filters in the event

How do I increase the conversions for my app/website using Firebase?

An obvious explanation of using an analytics tool in the first place is to acquire users and retaining them. Below are a few ways to getting conversions for your app and website.

Firebase Invites

What better than letting your own users do the marketing for you! If your users are satisfied with your service, spreading the word of mouth is sure to happen. Firebase invites are a great ‘good for all’ strategy where you receive a user, a new user gets to know about a fabulous website/app, and the invitee receives offers and discounts with each conversion.

Google ads

Running Universal Ad Campaigns and google ads can help in the acquisition of new users. Special offers can also be mentioned for users who left the app and can be brought back to using the app again.

Social media 

Social media is mostly the first click preference for mobile users nowadays. Why not make effective use of it! Regular quality posts and advertisements on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media may prove to increase the conversion rate.

Email marketing – offers and discounts

Email marketing is a great way to provide offers and discounts to users about certain products or to even make them aware of your existence. Increasing the conversion rate using email strategy has proven to be effective for quite a lot of businesses.

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