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7 Effective Customer Engagement strategies for your App

User engagement ideas and strategies
User engagement ideas and strategies

Well, before we get started with customer engagement strategies, let me tell my experience as an app user. Two months before, when I suddenly got a thought of “getting fit,” I surfed the internet and discovered many apps are serving the same purpose. I took a tour through the reviews and ratings before I clung to an app and downloaded it. The first day I opened the app, and so did the following 3 to 4 days.

As the usual case the interest to ‘get fit’ got faded and less served the purpose of the app. Not even bothered to update it and eventually ended up not using the app. The days passed and there comes the issue with the phone space and finally, I uninstalled the same fitness app which I was so eager to download.

“Install the app”- This though comes easier than “Update the app”.  Yes, I agree that making users download is not easy. But what comes after that is even difficult.

What your app really serves is really gonna matter after the installation of the app. You can see a fashion in what apps are downloaded by the users. Competition is always one step ahead. Give reasons for users why they should use the app and why keep it even when they are running out of space.

Let’s keep your app out of these…

Yeah, I know you’re looking for customer engagement strategies to boost your store. Before implementing something new, let’s take a look into your present store and see what we can do to it to engage customers with the app.

#1 Letting it crash:

You put all the effort into marketing the app. And when it comes to the performance of it, make sure that that your users don’t experience app crashes. The probability for the users to uninstall the app after an app crash is very high. And this is the first among the customer engagement strategies that you wouldn’t want to skip. Therefore, instead of putting in a” hey test my app” situation, test the app before launching.

#2 Slow as snail:

Speed is the first reason why people choose apps over websites. Make sure that your app never lets this ideology down. Believe me, the performance stands up on the ladder when it comes to customer engagement. Don’t mess it up.

#3 Filled up with ads:

Ads are obvious in apps, and it’s a way to add up the revenue. I wouldn’t say to cut all of it, But it could turn into an annoying experience for the users if it fills up the app. Moreover, they pull down the speed of the app, and this could be a reason for the users to uninstall your app.

#4 Similar apps (That too free!!):

While launching an app, competitions can be there and it will be even more challenging when some other app serves the same purpose and with free of cost. I know, that’s hurting. This free app has the potential to make you lose all your customer.

To dilute the seriousness of the situation, you can bring in more offers and temporarily compromise in price to drive more customers.

#5 Forcing to signup/ login:

Signups are not always necessary. It can entirely depend on the purpose of the app. There exist apps which do not require any kind of logins, but still forces the users to signup.

This is one reason for people uninstalling the app. Even if the signups are necessary for your app, give them a choice at the beginning.

Top Customer Engagement Strategies for Apps

Placing your app in the user’s priority list is essential to boost user engagement. Lets look into the points that can help you with user engagement.

#1: The bang entry

Trying to teach the users how to use the app is not what users expect when they first see a video or an introduction of a newly launched app. The onboarding should be something that reflects the value of the app.

You are having you’re first ever conversation with the users while onboarding the app. WIth no doubt, it should be appealing and friendly to the end-users. Since the first time user experience(FTUE) really matters, follow the latest trends to launch the app.

As said before, it normally includes a walkthrough within the app. Show them that you are launching something that they badly want or have been waiting for.

In order to achieve this, app developers should focus on delivering much simpler and instinctive design and content.

#2: Concentrate on the performance of the app:

user engagement strategy for Apps

All the issues which cause crashing should be properly evaluated and solved. The loading time should be minimal and give no excuse for the users to abandon the app.

The app should be tested thoroughly before you launch it. Afterall continues monitoring has to be done. Do not settle with what your app has currently. research and implement new ideas. Regular updates should be provided.

#3: Push Notifications :

By sending push notification you can increase app retention by 20%. This is the case of a standard push notification. The retention rate can even increase by 7 times if the warnings are personalized. Don’t get too excited to send push notifications.

Sending push notifications for customer engagement
Sending push notifications for customer engagement

The app users opt-out from the app notification when they get frustrated due to continuous push notifications and messages they receive. Send the right amount of notifications at the right time and this could help increase customer engagement in your app. You can gain a set of loyal customers by sending the right messages through the app.

And that’s what you are looking for!

#4: Is your app expensive? If yes, explain why.

A majority of the users prefer the cheapest and at the same time the app which delivers higher quality. There will be cases when your competitor is offering the exact product of yours and even with better features. To overcome this issue, you can bring down the price of the product or deliver a much worthier app.

Users browse for alternative apps serving the same purpose if they discover that the money they spend on an app does not worth it. Indirectly tell them why your app is costlier and be up to the point.

Proper research and studies about the competitors before you get into building the app will yield better results. Enhance your app with extra features than the competitor. This can increase customer engagement and retention

#5: “Your friend Ed has earned 10 points..”

Users have the tendency to know what the other users or their friends are doing with the app. Take advantage of this curiosity and send them messages or push notifications saying what their friends have gained from the app or how useful the app has turned out to be for them. This encourages users to engage back with the app.

Use this wisely.

#6: Better rewards

Among the customer engagement strategies, Rewards are most loved among the users. Rewarding the customers can even be used for making the users download the app. The point is you can give rewards for any purpose, which requires customer participation. Because bonuses always work for users. They can help you increase customer loyalty and increase customer engagement. For WooCommerce websites there are plugins that you can use to add rewards and points in your app

#7: Easy signups

I don’t like signups. Do you? People always try to avoid filling long forms. This could be because of either they don’t want to give away their details, or just because they are lazy to fill the forms.

Avoid signups if not necessary. In case if it cannot be avoided give chance to the users to decide whether to signup or not. In such cases, you can provide social login.

social login feature on your app
Add social login feature on your app

By providing this, for the users signing in will not be bothering and for app owners, social login is a better way to collect users data and it helps to provide personalized service.


The performance and features of the app are the topmost customer engagement strategies. And You have to make sure that your app features meet the standards.

After making the users download the app,  User engagement is the problem faced by the app owners. Performance of the app is so crucial. If that doesn’t crack then the users won’t give a second chance. Choose the best app builder and build your app with the latest feature set.

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