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Digital Marketing Checklist for Small Business Owners

Digital marketing is key to interact with customers and broadening the customer list. Digital marketing consists of various factors, each of which has to be planned and executed thoughtfully. While it is result-yielding, it can be time-consuming and complicated. If you don’t have the experience you will have to outsource the required help for the same.

Digital Marketing Checklist

Your eCommerce website is the base of your digital marketing. If you are a start-up or your business is small you need to run by the below checklist

Start actions

When you build your website, your brand must be highlighted. You have to make sure everyone notices your brand with your logo, colors, writing style, etc. The content on your website should be attractive, crisp, and to the point. It should be interesting yet it must talk about your brand.

Create a mobile-friendly website, even viewable on a mobile or a tablet. There shouldn’t be any extra effort to view the same website on various devices. In addition, the visitors must be able to share your content in whichever way they want. This way they market for you indirectly and therefore, make your site content shareable.

Also, you need to keep an option for posting reviews for the betterment of your website and you can refer to Google Analytics to know the performance of the website.

Social media engagement

Make sure you choose a platform suitable for your business. Not all platforms are suitable for all businesses. Don’t try to grab all at once. That can be time-consuming and above your budget. Be consistent in posting your content. Keep a fixed logo profile picture so that your brand will be visually familiar to the customers.

Interaction is the key to social media. Make your social media interactions to the maximum. Prepare a calendar to schedule your posts at regular intervals so that you don’t miss out on special days. Find the best ways to engage your customers with the help of reviews.

Email marketing

Make sure you have a customer list for email marketing. You should send regular emails with interesting content as a part of email marketing. The best way of email marketing is through newsletters. Newsletters that are short, crisp, and informative attracts customers

Give importance to sign up for your newsletters. You can promote this through your other platforms like social media. You can attract customers to sign up with offers and discounts. This will help you to increase your email list for marketing purposes. Give survey links for reviews through email marketing. This will help you to know your customers better.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Search engine optimization is the most important one in digital marketing. If your website isn’t well optimized your probable customers won’t be able to get through you when they search their needs in various search engines like google.

Always use the correct keywords for good search engine optimization. Use keywords that relate to your business and products. The more keywords, the more optimization you get. You can use various SEO tools. Always use the relevant tool like Google Analytics suitable for you. Not all may suit your website.


Digital marketing can help you achieve and connect with your potential customers in the various online channels. And therefore, go get your digital marketing plan in place to boost your online presence.

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