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Firebase analytics to predict user behaviour

The Avengers were able to save the world with their superpowers (Of Course!), teamwork (nothing possible without teamwork) and predictions about which universe he was going to conquer next.

With appropriate predictions, proper planning, precautions, and attack-ready, the Avengers saved the world!

Wondering why I am talking about Avengers in a Firebase analytics blog? You can relate it to making predictions about your app users’ next move, and make strategies to keep them engaged to your app. Pretty cool, eh? Save your app!

Image showing different options of Predictions based on user activity
Prediction based on user activity

Using Firebase, you can configure a number of Predictions that will determine the conversion and retention rate of your app. Few predictions are already set in the Firebase like Churn, not-churn, spend, not_spend, etc. You can even customize and create your predictions on the basis of your need.

Hold on but. What is Firebase Analytics Predictions?

Firebase Predictions are the super cool method of predicting the behaviour of your users using the data collected from the last 100 days and then predicting their behaviour for the next 7 days. With the use of Machine Learning, it makes predictions like what percentage of users are like to churn, or spend, or uninstall, etc. 

Alright. Show me an example.

How to create a firebase prediction
Create a Prediction

Above is an example prediction of the churn users. With this prediction, you can make a decision on how to try and retain them.

Fortunately, Firebase gives a number of options to choose to and help retain users. These include Remote Config, In-app messaging and Cloud Messaging

Choose how to use Firebase prediction
Choose how to use prediction

Click on any one of the options you feel is necessary to hold them back and keep them engaged and proceed with it.

Keep your users retained using any one option
Keep your users retained

Get Predictions to understand your users’ behaviour and create ways to keep them happy!

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