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How to Collect & Use Customer Feedback to Improve Your Ecommerce Store

As a customer what would you look when you purchase a product online? Yes, your answer is the key to your solution. It is always the reviews and the customer feedback. Around 80 % of the customers depend on feedback before purchasing the project online as there is no touch and feel of the product as everything is virtual. Collecting customer feedback is time-consuming but also helps you to build your business strongly by making the needed changes in your service internally.

You can take customer feedback for eCommerce in different ways:

Ways to collect customer feedback

Check out ways to collect and use customer feedback to improve your eCommerce store. Read through the below points to learn more about collecting customer feedback.

Website Surveys

You can customize your website surveys according to your products and things you would like to know from your customer and collect customer reviews. There are various platforms for the same. You can either give a survey when the customer is about to buy or once the product is delivered to your customer.

Live Chat

You can get immediate online customer feedback with a live chat. Their problems can be immediately solved, and you can make sure your customers don’t leave your website without purchasing.

End of Purchase

You can also ask your customer to fill the feedback form at the last stage of their purchase. This will help you in getting an immediate response from the particular customer. You can make your survey short and simple. The longer the survey gets, the more annoying it gets for the customer. A short multiple-choice would be an ideal survey.

Customer who exits your site

There will be customers who abandon your site midway. Make sure you get back to these customers and find the reason for this action. If the issue is with your website or product, you could do things to rectify the error and give your new customers a better service.

Attract your customers to Survey

Some customers may not prefer to waste time on surveys. Attract customers to your website to get customer feedback and make them attend your surveys by assuring them of discounts for their present or next purchase, a gift card or a special gift. This will encourage your customers to give a genuine survey. The give and take method will be beneficial for your business.

Social Media Feedback

Social Media is a huge platform where you can attract more customers. Positive feedback from customers will randomly attract other customers to your website. Make sure you have the controls to view and remove fake reviews too. Gathering customer information in eCommerce can give immediate clarification to the negative comments provided.

Customer Feedback Results

The information collected from your customers shouldn’t be ignored. It should be studied well and you need to do the needful changes as per your customer’s suggestion. This way you may not lose a customer or may attract more customers.

Negative feedback must be welcomed positively. In fact, negative feedback will help you to understand your flaws, which you weren’t aware of, and improve your eCommerce business by rectifying your error.

Address negative feedback immediately. Apologize and accept your mistake. If it is possible to rectify, replacing a product will help to bring the issue to a settlement.

Attract more positive comments by giving loyalty rewards. It can be in the form of gift cards, free trials of your products, or discounts. This way, your customers will refer your eCommerce website to multiple possible customers. You can also personalize a few services for your loyal customers. A free product for a high volume of purchases will also be worth it.

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