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Easter Ecommerce Marketing: A checklist

Easter Ecommerce Marketing is as important as your normal marketing campaings. The reason is obvious. Easter holidays and easter sales are the most beneficial period for your eCommerce sites. The Easter bunnies can flood your site with revenue if you make use of this period in the right manner. Skyrocket your revenues with a few simple holiday marketing techniques.

Easter eCommerce marketing

People are ready to spend a good amount during this period on decorations, gifts, food, and what note. All you need is a well-planned holiday marketing campaign. As this is only for a particular phase you need to customize your eCommerce page. You have to bring in the holiday feel on your website for the customers and also an in-house sales plan to boost your sales.

1. Festive mood

Your website should have all aspects of a festival season. This will stick your customer to your site. Bring in some emotional touch too and not just ads and offer sections. Interestingly, this will help your customers to bond to your website. As said earlier, starting with the right easter eCommerce marketing tools will help you create a festive mood.

2. Special discounts

If you are planning on providing special easter discounts, make sure the moment your customers open your website it catches their eye.No customer will hunt through your website to search for discounts. They will end up getting attracted to other sites where it is easily accessible which indirectly means losing a customer. The moment they enter the website they should be able to see your exclusives.

3. Email marketing

Your customers are eagerly waiting for wishes and places where they can save money and shop well. Keep your mail simple and short and to the point. Use attractive text and colors to highlight your exclusive offers. The Easter eCommerce marketing emails must be sent a few weeks before you start your offers and follow up with them with reminders of the offers. This way you keep reminding your customers to come to you for their Easter shopping.

4. Loyal customers

Make a list of your loyal customers well ahead. A special mail or note to them much before easter will make them feel special, indirectly boosting your sales. Announce your give-aways and special discounts for them much ahead.

5. Frequency

Make sure your campaigning is done at a regular interval. But not very frequently too ass too much of anything spoils the dish. If you become pushier and over-enthusiastic you may end up in driving your customers away. Always keep in mind that there are competitors to take your place any day. So make sure not to irritate your customers and go slow but definitely on a steady mode.

6. Social media

Bring a festive feel on all social media platforms where most of your customers will be to relax and chat. Bring out the festive feel in them by simple videos or stories on the festival that attract the eye of the customers and include your special offers. Don’t do it on a daily basis and annoy your customers. Do it twice or thrice a week and attract new targeted customers too.

7. Contest

Arrange a contest with multiple winners to excite your number of customers and announce the prize on a special occasion. This will make sure the regular visits of customers on your website. This will also boost your traffic and engagement.

8. Last minute giveaway

Last-minute offers and giveaways help a customer who has missed on any previous offers. Make sure you arrange fast delivery to boost your customer loyalty.

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