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Checklist for Optimizing Mobile Commerce Conversions

Mobile commerce growth is at its best pace and the whole online shopping industry is witnessing it with awe. According to Business Insider, by 2020, mobile commerce was projected to make up 45 percent of total eCommerce, equivalent to $284 billion in sales.

The availability of eCommerce stores on mobile screens has highly influenced mobile eCommerce conversion rates positively. Convenience and accessibility are provided by mobile commerce But only the sites which are optimized will only have the edge over the competitors.

Optimizing your mobile commerce

Optimization for mobile commerce is about making the customer’s user experience as comfortable and engaging as possible when they use mobile devices to visit your online store.

Answering the following list of questions will help you ensure that your mobile commerce is optimized to improve conversion rates.

1. Is your website design mobile friendly?

The design of a website influences the perception of the customer when they first visit your mobile site. You get only one chance to make the first impression, so make it count. According to Storemaven, a good first impression will increase conversions by 35%.

Also, The UI/UX that you use on the website and other clickable elements will highly influence the navigation.

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2. Is my website attractive and easy-to-use?

 Improving shoppers’ experience, and on-site search functionality are some of the key areas that you need to focus on while optimizing mobile commerce for conversions.

An attractive design will only drive design if the functionalities embedded are working perfectly. Easy navigation and a user-friendly homepage are certain to drive more conversion. Remember to make the most important links and pages on your site are easy to find and accessible, and clickable. Subsequently, the customers will stay on the site longer driving more conversion rates.

3. Does my website load quickly and without errors?

Nothing is more boring than a slow-loading website. It becomes worse when a customer opens it from a mobile device. Ideally, a website must load in less than three seconds anything that takes more is sure to make the customer lose interest and block conversion.

4. Is the checkout process easy to follow?

A major percentage of cart abandonments happen at the checkout stage. Even if you push the customers down the funnel till the checkout, the customers are likely to lose interest when they come across a non-optimized checkout process.

Since mobile devices have smaller screens, make sure the content is crisp, the buttons are compact, and the fields are easy to fill out. If the customers have to resize the page multiple times and the fields are too small to type in, it will lead to cart abandonment.

5. Are your media and another content loading properly?

Including media files that are engaging and easy to load at the same time, will interest the customers. The image should be clear and help the customers understand the products. Also, properly optimize the images and videos in the gallery for mobile screens in order to impress the customers and increase the mobile conversion rates.

Final thoughts

The whole idea behind optimizing mobile commerce is to consider the needs of customers who access your site from mobile devices. In order to do that, you should provide access to all of the tabs and pages that are included on the desktop version of your site. Remember, greater customer experience brings in better mobile conversion rates.

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