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How does the Appmaker WooCommerce plugin work?

Clearly, by now, most of us would agree that just having a WooCommerce website store won’t be enough to get maximum user acquisition and grow a WooCommerce business. It goes without saying that an app is essential too. This gets me to introduce you to the Appmaker WooCommerce plugin. Let’s see what it is and how the Appmaker WooCommerce plugin works.

What is Appmaker WooCommerce plugin about?

The Appmaker WooCommerce plugin is a mobile application plugin that automatically builds a native app (basic version) for your WordPress eCommerce store. All you have to do is type in your store URL, put in an app name, and you are done! A basic build of your WooCommerce storefront is created. It connects your website to the mobile app and automatically transports all products, categories, payment gateways, menu items, and more from your WooCommerce website.

What! Really? Tell me more…

How to set up a WooCommerce store app?

Before getting started with WooCommerce, check out the following sections:

Where is the Appmaker WooCommerce plugin available?

The Appmaker plugin is available in the WordPress plugins page. Install the plugin and you are good to go.

Once installed, you can click on Settings and that will take you to the Appmaker Dashboard for your app.

The Appmaker Dashboard

The admin panel of the app is where you can have absolute complete control of your app. Here, you can design the homepage of the app, give a theme colour, style your menu page, send push notifications, and a lot more! You can even upload your Android and iOS version to the store directly from the dashboard.

Customize your App homepage

In this section, you can design the homepage and the Menu of the app. Although all the menu items are automatically taken from the website and displayed in the app, you can still add more menu items and control the navigation drawer for your app menu.

The homepage is surely the best arena to display your design skills and lure all your customers to buy products through various offers, sales, and a variety of products available. Include various banners, grid images, product scrollers, image scroller, and a lot more.

The best part about the homepage or the menu page is that any changes made in the dashboard is reflected in real-time in the app.

All the products displayed in the app are automatically taken from the website. So you do not have to maintain the app and the website separately. Any changes made to any product is automatically reflected in the app as well.

Check out these videos on how you can use banners and grid images for your homepage to attract more customers –

Send push notifications to your users in just a click!

From the Appmaker dashboard, you can send a push notification to your users in just a click! Mention a title name, a message, choose an action, and click on Send!

Promote your app

The Appmaker dashboard provides options for promoting your Android and iOS app and growing a WooCommerce website using a Smart banner and email footer. Read the blogs on how to use these features –

Increase app downloads using the email footer

Increase app downloads using the Smart banner

Customize a single product page for the app

You can insert in a product ID and decide what widgets should be shown in the app.

Order confirmation notification sent to customers automatically!

You can enable the option of sending a push notification automatically to the customers once they make an order. You can even control on what details should be visible to the user in the order confirmed page.

Cache the app in just a click!

You can enable the caching of the app for both server and client side and also mention the time frame for caching. This will help improve the performance of the app drastically.

Multi-language and social login option

Use multiple languages for your app according to your user base. Also, make login easy for your customers using the Facebook login feature.

Customize your checkout page for the app

The checkout page automatically shows all the payment gateways that are on the website. But you can decide if you want to show them all or not. Additionally, if you want to show your checkout page in the webview, there is an option for that as well!

Decide the app theme and upload the branding assets of the app

In the Update App section, you can choose a variety of options for your app. From deciding the theme of the app to uploading the app logo, to adding new languages, to deciding whether to enable or disable various features – you have it all here!

Check out this video on the various options in the Update App tab –

For subscribed customers, we also provide assistance in uploading the app to both the Google play store and the Apple app store.

Check out this video on a complete walkthrough to the Appmaker dashboard –

Create an app with us now! Happy App-making!

Create an app now!

Build an eCommerce app for your store now and explore all the features in the 14-day trial period.

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