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Top Strategies to Increase your Shopify store Sales with Mobile App

Shopify is an excellent platform that helps you set up and build your eCommerce store with great convenience. Shopify is one of the widespread used eCommerce platforms with a 23 percent market share in the U.S. Being highly flexible and simple to use, Shopify has over 6000+ apps available on the Shopify App Store to customize the user experience. Growing your store on Shopify demands the implementation of smart strategies and growth hacks.

What do you mean by growth hacking for eCommerce?

With the new pandemic era, customers across the world are opting for online stores and eCommerce businesses for all their health, lifestyle, and other requirements.

According to Google, the term ‘growth hacking’ was coined by Sean Ellis somewhere in 2010, which means data-driven marketing techniques backed by continuous experimentation and cost-efficient tactics to gain more sales and higher conversions.

Create a Shopify app for increasing sales

According to research, apps offer 120% better conversion in terms of sales and revenue as reached by responsive mobile or web-based eCommerce platforms. It is effortless to set up an ecommerce store, but to generate sales from a mobile app, setting up a store is not enough. You need to know how to market your eCommerce store through your app.

How does a Shopify store mobile app increase your store sales?

Building an app for your Shopify store helps you boost your income and helps you efficiently engage your target audience. Having an app helps your Shopify store nurture a brand identity and amplifies your marketing efforts with improved customer rapport.

Your Shopify mobile app will be in real-time sync with your Shopify store so that you can manage your stock and keep them updated. By turning your Shopify store into an app, you can easily reduce your cart abandonment. A mobile app for the Shopify store helps you send push notifications to prompt your customers to complete purchases with your Shopify store’s mobile app. With a Shopify iOS or Android app, engage your customers with custom-made offers, promotions, and deals, thereby boosting customer loyalty.

Strategies to boost sales with an App for Shopify store

Here are some of the tried and tested strategies to boost sales with an app for the Shopify store. Imple,emt these while creating your Shopify app.

Go for an attractive homepage

Your website homepage is directly the customer-facing front of your brand. First impressions can be never made again and hence, Make that first impression count with an exceptional homepage that delivers clarity, assortment, and interactivity. Some of the best homepages showcase real-time purchases, offers, and discounts. You can also display testimonials and build some trust.

Employ easy product discovery

Easy product discovery is of prime importance when it comes to customers buying decisions. Utilize smart and strategic methods to enable easy search options, foresee the buyers’ journey on your website and deliver clear actions for them to take. Guide them to suitable products by organizing products intuitively. You may also include a shoppable Instagram feed would also help in smart product discovery.

Functional product pages

Product pages are effectively the most important pages on your website. Make sure you convey the description, usage, and additional care of your products very distinctly to the users. Use high-definition images, furnish pricing, shipping, out-of-stock details, Supporting your products with customer reviews and ratings adds trust and authenticity to your brand.

Frictionless checkout experience

Create shopify app to offer a seamless checkout experience to your customers with strategies such as auto-filling the customer details, easy payment options and also optimizing order confirmation emails.

Smooth shipping and returns

Supply precise information about shipping, returns, and refunds. Deliver free shipping if possible or discounted shipping for loyal customers or high-valued customers.

Intuitive additional information

Use sdditional information like ‘About Us,’ Brand Story,’ and ‘Contact Us’ to create a lasting impression of your business on the users’ minds.

Uninterepted website speed and performance

Finally, your website speed and performance significantly impacts the conversion rate. Optimize the website speed and performance by ensuring mobile responsiveness, and SEO-friendly tactics. If you are creating a shopify app half of this challenge is taken care of!

How to create an app without coding

There are so many Shopify mobile app builders out there for each and every one of your business growth. If you want to display customer reviews, enhance email marketing, publish your products to Facebook, or get in-depth analytics, there’s definitely an app for that. Hence it is hard to select the correct one that serves your needs.

Read on how to create a Shopify app with Appmaker in simple steps, click here.

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