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Increase app downloads using smart banner

You’d surely agree with me that anyone with an eCommerce website should also have a mobile app. Well, if you don’t, I’m sure you’ll really enjoy this read. That said, if you already have an eCommerce store app using the Appmaker platform and are looking to promote it to increase app downloads, one of the simplest and best ways is to use Smart banners to inform your customers. Read more to find out more and use this to increase app downloads.

Smart banners to increase app downloads

What is a smart app banner?
A smart banner is an efficient marketing tool for promoting an app to users. It is a small banner that pops up at the top of the mobile screen when a user opens a store website in the mobile view. You can give several actions to either ‘download’ the app, or ‘open the app’, etc.

Showing a smart banner on your mobile web view
A smart banner on your mobile web view

Using the Appmaker dashboard, you can create a smart banner to increase app downloads in just a few clicks. Let’s see how –

In your Appmaker dashboard, go to the Promote app tab and click on the Smart Banner option. Click on ‘Enable Smart Banner’. Don’t miss out on reading the description below on how useful this feature can be.

Showing how to set up the Smart Banner on Appmaker dashboard
Setting up the Smart Banner on Appmaker dashboard

When you enable it, you see a screen like below,

Showing a screen on Appmaker dashboard where you add Important details to create smart banner
Important details to be added on Appmaker dashboard

Fill in all the details. Paste the play store and app store URL, app logo URL, title name, a short description about the app and a call to action text. Once done, click on Save banner and that’s it! 

Appmaker dashboard showing the preview of the smart banner created
Preview your Smart banner on Appmaker dashboard

Anybody who opens your website on the mobile will be able to see this banner. Check out how it will look on your mobile website.

Image of Smart Banner on your Mobile web view
Smart Banner on your Mobile website

That’s it, you are done.

Even read about Email footers, another powerful app marketing strategy.

So what are you waiting for? Use these cool feature to promote your app! Hurry!

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