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Black Friday 2022 Exclusive Insights to Increase Conversion Rate By Upto 5%

What is a Black Friday?

The Friday after American Thanksgiving is the start of the Christmas holiday shopping season known as Black Friday. This was established in Philadelphia where retailers claim that their stores operate in losses until Thanksgiving when they suddenly earn profits.

It is an important opportunity for e-commerce store owners, retailers, and online businesses to gain high profits in the market. WordPress Web Development holds great stakes in the market for e-commerce stores and provides significant features and functionalities to manage online threats. 

Read some of these Black Friday facts.

Customers choices on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

This pandemic has affected the market, but it has also changed customer’s choices. Industries dealing with electronic brands have seen the biggest spike in the market.  We believe that a huge crowd will be relying on e-commerce platforms to get their essentials. Many goods suppliers have already declared that they will close their physical stores on Black Friday.  

Competing for your traffic through the cyber week

E-commerce businesses need to engage customers and convert them into potential consumers.  Make the platform secure from traffic hijackers who use injections to divert valuable online traffic through unauthorized advertisements. It is a widespread problem where hijackers cut conversion rates and revenues of enterprises in these peak season events. When you develop an E-commerce mobile app make sure that it has tools to block such injections and hijacks.

Avoid losses in revenues 

There is great competition in the market, and you need to be unique to gain online attention. You don’t want to increase your bounce rates because of unauthorized advertisements on your platform that distract users. WordPress e-commerce development has many security tools to handle any online threats and scan your platform regularly for online vulnerabilities.  

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Let us look at some e-commerce mobile app and Website sales insights:

Website and e-commerce Mobile Apps Traffic

Whether it is an e-commerce mobile app or WordPress e-commerce development, one needs to handle visitors and engage them. If the platform is not able to handle heavy traffic then it may result in heavy losses. To avoid such cases perform testing on each feature and functionality using various tools available in the market.  

Whether it is an Android or iOS App Development you need to optimize the platform for faster responses. You can compress images, refine HTML/CSS elements, integrate essential plugins, and create a balance in server-based requests without affecting the site’s performance. 

Page Load Speed 

If visitors don’t get faster page loads then they will exit your website which will increase your bounce rates, High bounce rates can lead to lower rankings on the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). This can affect your conversion rates, which might be due to slow page loads or confusing navigation on the e-commerce platform. Mobile Apps are one of the easiest ways to engage customers as you can get data about your customers and send texts which can redirect to your website or app. 

Checkout Process

Thanksgiving is considered a time of relaxation, but consumers are pressured to get the products or services as quickly as possible. That is why your e-commerce apps and websites should have a seamless experience during the checkout process. WordPress eCommerce Development has one-step checkout plugins for websites or mobile apps to make the process less time-consuming. 

Landing Pages Optimization

You can miss an enormous opportunity if your landing page is not engaging and interactive as per the visitor’s requirements. Your website or mobile apps will get organic traffic during the holiday season through ads, emails, or social media platforms.

What should a Landing page comprise?

  • Specific offers or discounts
  • Information-rich
  • They interact with a high-intent audience
  • It will create the first impression of your brand

Best Black Friday Deals in 2020

Offer valid only for particular time period

Grab your eCommerce essentials during this sale to enhance your website. Get the best deals on the best products.

Motivate Wish listing Products or services

Visitors who add products to their wishlist imply that they are interested, and there is a great chance that they will complete the purchase. Having a wishlist option in the e-commerce mobile app or website makes it a convenient place for consumers to store products.  It also helps store owners to collect their data to know more about the consumers’ interests. This information helps retailers to provide discounts or suggestions to encourage the customer to take advantage of the services or products.

Black Friday Flash Sales

Offering flash sales in the holiday season can drive conversions, and you can take advantage of such flexible sales methods. Flash sales are for a short period and have the potential to boost conversion rates. This is mainly because it works on the consumer psychology of urgency, scarcity, and fear of missing out, which helps improve eCommerce conversion rates by boosting consumers’ impulse to purchase.  

Cross-Sell and Upsell

This is a great technique to increase your revenue during the peak season.  Cross-sell and upsell is used in a time-sensitive opportunity that tempts the consumer to get some products or services. 

These cross-sell offers can look somewhat like this:

  • Buy 2 items for the price of 1
  • Certain discounts when you complete your purchase
  • Buy it at a discounted price and display only a few left in stock

While upselling might be like:

  • Combo Meals
  • Holiday Package with more benefits included
  • Combo Products and services will be more cost-effective

There are various tools, like Product Upsell for WooCommerce, Shopify, and One-click Upsell for WooCommerce, that automatically display offers for products. We have discussed some important tactics to increase your conversion rates this Black Friday holiday season. Well, it is said to greet your consumers with a gift after a successful purchase, and you should do this to make them feel connected. Take help from an experienced WordPress web development company for better results to achieve your targets and boost black Friday deals this holiday season. It’s a great opportunity so don’t think of losing it for small issues in the websites or mobile apps.

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