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Ways to Build an App for Your Shopify Store within Hours

When we think of eCommerce, Shopify is probably one of the first brands that come to mind. More than 1 million e-commerce enterprises and more than 100 million shoppers from all around the world use the platform. It’s been the most well-known e-commerce brand for years. We’re all aware of Shopify’s large portion of the e-commerce market, but that’s not the point of this article: we’re interested in the apps that use Shopify’s services.

What Are the Benefits of Creating a Shopify App?

There’s no denying that retail is undergoing a digital change, and eCommerce is the primary source of revenue. However, there is one sector where many vendors are hesitant to enter: mobile commerce. Here’s why you need an eCommerce app for your business:

Ecommerce and mobile application development

Apps are, as we all know, essential to mobile devices. Apps occupy 90% of mobile device users’ time. Ecommerce is also coming into the app realm, and the statistics are staggering even at this early stage.

Shopify, one of the most prominent eCommerce platforms, allows consumers to create e-commerce websites without having to know anything about coding or web design. Websites, however, are no longer the dominant eCommerce platform in the age of mobile.

Shopify store apps can boost your conversion rates

Even Shopify’s website traffic clearly demonstrates the dominance of mobile in eCommerce. In fact, 79 percent of Shopify users shop on their phones or tablets.

Mobile apps are becoming increasingly important and effective, creating business solutions with such a quicker, simpler, and more modern method to shop. The convenience and usability of mobile commerce apps also represent the success and growth of enterprises; as compared to eCommerce websites, a mobile app roughly nearly doubles conversion rates.

Furthermore, one out of every four eCommerce app users adds an item to their shopping basket, compared to only 13% of website users. And, whereas half of the customers make purchases through an eCommerce app, only 34% of website visitors purchase the item they want. After looking at the stats, it’s clear that turning your Shopify store into a mobile app is the smartest way to reach your customers right now.

Let’s look at how you may convert your Shopify website into a fully functional mobile app.

How to turn your Shopify Store into an App

Given that you choose Shopify to design and construct a website, it’s likely that your coding skills are insufficient to create an app on your own. There are a plethora of mobile eCommerce app builders available to assist consumers with no prior app development skills in designing and developing their apps. To make a sensible choice in the end, you must be aware of the must-have features for an e-commerce app and app builder.

How to pick the best Shopify app builder

Aside from the essential functions for your eCommerce app, the app builder you use should also provide the following:

Compatibility: If you’re turning your existing e-commerce website into an app, compatibility is critical. As a result, the app creator should work with the most popular e-commerce platforms, such as Shopify.

Ease of use: Because you have no experience with traditional app development, your preferred app builder must be accessible and simple to use. A drag-and-drop interface greatly simplifies the app creation process for newbies, so keep that in mind when selecting an app builder.

Speed and Design: Additionally, the app you develop must meet contemporary standards and provide users with an overall smooth experience, as the app’s speed and design encourage customers to become repeat visitors.

Synchronization: After deciding on the finest app builder for turning your Shopify website into an app, the following step is to connect your Shopify website to the app builder. Then you may begin uploading your eCommerce data into your app, ensuring that your app and website are both up to date.

The advantages of adopting a no-code app builder are numerous.

Quick App Development: Developing a mobile app without coding does not have to take weeks or months.

Code-free: App-building platforms are code-free, so you don’t have to be a techie to create an app.

Android and iOS: You can easily create both an iOS and Android app, which is crucial because publishing native apps on each platform allows you to reach a wider audience.

Simple customization: Without writing a single line of code, novices may design mobile apps that are unique to their business.

Best features for your Shopify mobile app

After you’ve connected your website to the app builder, you’ll need to decide the functions you would like in your app. In this phase, you should choose features that are appropriate for your brand and will assist you in providing your users with a quick and easy buying experience.

Choosing characteristics that allow you to freely extend your consumer base is, in general, the most reasonable choice. Adding different payment alternatives, for example, instantly expands a lot of people to someone you can provide your services. 

In mobile app development, there are a few interface design strategies to keep in mind. The next phase is to create the user interface, which affects how your clients interact with your app. A no-code app builder, such as Appmaker, offers app users a drag-and-drop interface that allows them to quickly design and customize their app. So start building your app using the drag-and-drop method, and don’t forget to prioritize the customer experience and enhance the income with your app design choices.

It’s time to create an eCommerce app without having to code.

Appmaker, a no-code e-commerce app builder, is the finest option if you’re looking for a means to create an app for your eCommerce firm. With the Appmaker Shopify plugin, you can import your e-Commerce store from Shopify, select the functionalities you want, and create your app using a simple drag-and-drop interface.

You’ll be able to communicate with your consumers with push notifications, extend your client base with numerous payment ways, create focused and efficient campaigns with geolocation tracking systems, and enhance customer retention with loyalty programs with the app you create with Appmaker.

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