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How to Avoid Common Dropshipping Mistakes

Is your dropshipping business growing? Learn more about these common dropshipping mistakes and how to avoid them through our detailed guide.

Dropshipping has changed the view of starting a business with a huge capital amount, making it possible with a minimal investment. In dropshipping, the entrepreneur just needs to start a site and decide his product to sell, which will be shipped by the vendor or manufacturer, which needs to be advertised and sold.

Common dropshipping mistakes

You can avoid the common dropshipping mistakes once you are aware of them through our guide.

1. Drop unrealistic Expectations

Every business is not easy. It comes with pros and cons and you need to face it. Many entrepreneurs start off the dropshipping method seeing the easy aspects of it, without even realizing you need time and experience to get the profit you expected.

Many, when they see things are not working smoothly and fast in this method end up giving up soon. So drop that unrealistic expectation of making fast money, and get into the reality of the dropshipping method.

2. Too much analysis

Many end up doing too much research and analysis of the method. Yes, research must be done before getting into something. But always keep in mind that you can know only the basics and only when you run the business you face the actuals. Mistakes are a part and parcel of any business. You can only prepare yourself with research, you will only attain success if you implement those. So don’t end up overdoing your research and analysis.

3. Choosing the wrong product

In the excitement of starting the business don’t select a random product that may not give you a good profit. Select a good product depending on the competition level for that product and the profit margin expected. Go slow here to decide.

4. Selection of the wrong niche

You would always select a niche that gives you a good margin, low competition, and high sales. But choosing the wrong niche is not the end of the world. You can always go for an alternative niche. Here is where quality research will come to your help.

5. Too much dependency on vendors

A major disadvantage in dropshipping business is that it works purely on trust. You get your products through vendors or suppliers. But too much dependency may cause issues in rates, delivery time, etc. Avoid these by looking out for multiple suppliers for the product. If this is not feasible for you, get into a contract with your vendor where you can add your terms and conditions.

6. Review and customer feedback ignorance

Never ignore a review or customer feedback thinking, in dropshipping the product goes from the supplier. You should realize that though the products are sent by the supplier the brand that gets affected is yours. You will be the one highly affected by a bad review and not the supplier. So make sure you are well aware of the customer feedback and review.

7. Ignoring the website Design

In a hurry to start the business many drop shippers compromise on their website. This is a big no. Your customers decide to buy or not from you through the quality of your website. Make sure your website is impressive and intact, even if you spend a little extra there.

8. Inadequate marketing plans

One of the main common dropshipping mistakes to avoid is the inadequacy of marketing plans. Many drop shippers skip this process. Like any other business in dropshipping you always need to have a marketing plan. How and what to do is up to you. You can choose one or multiple options.

9. Complicated product returns

Just because you are the mid-person in the business, doesn’t mean that you need not check on when a customer needs to return a product. Make sure you have an agreement with your supplier to make the return process smooth for your customer. This way, you can avoid the complications in case there is a return and your customers can be kept happy too.

10. Not leveraging the holiday sales

Just like any other business you need to plan the holiday calendar to boost your sales. Make sure when there is a boost in your sales your supplier doesn’t fall short of the products. Give him your plan and expected sale amount in advance so the products are ready with your supplier.


Since everything goes directly from the manufacturer you need not spend on keeping stocks ready or include extra employees for this purpose. Though it sounds simple and a risk-free process, there are situations where the drop shippers make grave mistakes, increasing their costs and affecting customer satisfaction and low profit. The above mentioned scenarios will shed some light on the common errors that dropshippers make and help avoid them.

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