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Checkout Field Editor For Your Website and Mobile App

Are you searching for ways to customize your WooCommerce checkout page? Then checkout field editor by ThemeHigh is the best solution for this. You can edit, add, remove, and alter your checkout field effectively using this. The activation of the plugin necessarily requires WooCommerce to be installed and configured.

ThemeHigh checkout field editor plugin has now become the most popular plugin for adding or editing your WooCommerce checkout page fields. You can edit, disable, or even remove the default checkout fields. Rather than this, you can also create custom checkout fields.

The checkout field editor allows you to add custom sections to the checkout page. You can display these sections in different positions like before and after the customer details, billing form, order notes, shipping form, submit button, etc. The checkout field editor also helps to display the default and customer fields conditionally based on cart contents, user roles, product variations, and category, etc. Therefore the plugin helps in the overall customization of your checkout page. It avails a lot of features by which you can add or delete custom fields, modify the field display, and revise the checkout form successfully.  

Features and Advantages

Append custom fields

You can append custom fields in the WooCommerce checkout page, billing and shipping sections, etc. The field provides several options where you can add all the necessary information including name, class, placeholder, etc.

Customize your fields

You can remove, add, or edit field displays in the checkout page, order page, and e-mails. You will have the option to revise or rescript the custom fields in the billing, shipping, and payment sections as well.

Field display

Users have the choice to decide the field display in the order details page or e-mail using the checkboxes available in the field forms. Different field types are available which include input text, password, e-mail, radio, label, heading, etc.

Manage the checkout fields order

You can easily manage the display order of checkout fields by just dragging and dropping the fields up and down. Thus you can rearrange all the fields and sections according to your wish. 

Adding price fields

You can add a field showing price into the checkout form. Different price types including fixed price, customer price, dynamic price, etc can be added to the WooCommerce checkout fields.

Desirable display of custom fields

You can display fields in the checkout form according to shipping and payment methods. So that certain fields which are not required for shipping and payment options can be removed. You can also display custom fields in My Account page using the field settings.

High compatibility

The WooCommerce checkout field editor is largely compatible with almost all the plugins of WooCommerce and WordPress. Therefore several extended features like the multistep checkout, PDF invoices and packing slips, CSV export files, etc. are added to the plugin making it more desirable. 

Zapier and Multilingual support

Zapier easily links the plugin with several business apps like Google Sheets, Salesforce, etc. Above all, since the plugin is highly compatible, the translation to any language is easily done.

Easy reset of changes

You can easily reset all the changes to the primary WooCommerce field settings with a single click.

Custom validation

It helps to validate the field inputs before placing the order ensuring that all the data is valid.

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WooCommerce Checkout Manager – Easily customize checkout fields on your WooCommerce checkout page.

Installation and Working of Checkout field editor

Now let’s see the installation and activation of the ThemeHigh checkout field editor. Also, have a look at how a customized checkout page will look like with the checkout field editor plugin.

  • Go to the WordPress dashboard. Install the checkout field editor plugin by ThemeHigh from the Add New Plugin option. Once the installation is complete, activate the plugin.
  • Navigate to the Checkout Form tab below the WooCommerce menu. Here you can edit the different properties of the default WooCommerce checkout fields.
  • To create a custom checkout field, click on the Add Field button on the New Checkout Field window. Edit the Label of the default field, provide a suitable placeholder, etc. and click on the Save button.
  1. You can choose the field type from different options. Use the Placeholder feature to provide more instructions to customers about the field. 
  1. Set a Default value for the field.
  1.  Use Class for additional styling of fields.
  1. You can also choose to display your field in the e-mail or order details page from this.
  1. Validate input from the customer with Validation. Optionally set the field as mandatory or not. 
  • Rearrange the fields by simply dragging and dropping.
  • Add or edit fields of all sections of billing, shipping, and additional. And reset all changes in a single click.
  • Now you are all set to start customizing your checkout page with the checkout field editor plugin by ThemeHigh.


Similarly, on the Appmkar mobile app, you can see the new fields that you have added with the given label, name, placeholder, class, etc. and the checkout page will appear as shown.


With the premium plugin, you can 

  • add 16+ field types
  • display fields conditionally and sections conditionally with more conditional rules.
  • Create unlimited custom sections other than billing, shipping, additional provided in the free version.
  • set price for fields with 6 different price types
  • use custom validations to validate field inputs 
  • display fields and sections repeatedly with the repeat rules feature.


With all the amazing features that the Checkout field editor by ThemeHigh avail. It has now become the finest choice for checkout field customization. The plugin is getting widely used by people for editing their WooCommerce checkout page fields. It optimizes your checkout field through the effective organization of pages and fields. Moreover, the Checkout field editor by ThemeHigh is a user-friendly plugin, so that the user can handle the working easily. 

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