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OTP Based Login – How Appmaker’s Feature Maximizes User Retention

Today, Internet-based applications are used for just about everything from earning, and shopping to learning, socializing, and banking. Before OTP based logins became the norm, unauthorized access to login data had put the focus squarely on data security. This had necessitated more complex passwords.

For an average user, however, creating and recalling complex passwords for multiple logins across apps and websites can cause sleepless nights. While most apps and businesses offer the ‘forgot your password’ feature, the cumbersome process increases the bounce rate, with customers sometimes leaving even without logging in.

A boy asking for solution for his problems
Yeah, it can be hard to try and remember those passwords every time!

This is a typical catch-22 situation. Businesses cannot lower their security requirements when it comes to user passwords, yet cannot afford high bounce rates.

With OTP login feature, you can escape the vulnerabilities of a conventional password and easily add a second layer of authentication. Get rid of invalid entries, intruders will not be able to pass through the final phase if your app has OTP login feature.

Appmaker’s OTP Feature and how it’s a game-changer

Resolving this problem is Appmaker’s new (One Time Password) OTP feature, which is now available for all customers. Appmaker apps are now supported by OTP based login. With this, users can sign-up with their phone numbers and authenticate with a One Time Password sent on their registered device.

Appmaker apps use the Digits plug-in, offering customers the option to sign-up using their mobile number with OTP based authentication. This helps bypass the need to create complex and unique usernames and passwords.

Since login systems are the gateways of web applications, they directly influence overall signup conversion or login success rates. In fact, studies reveal an approximate 63% increase in users where apps offer OTP based authentication for signups and logins.

The benefits for businesses
An illustration to represent Security provided with OTP based login
With OTP login you can be assured of keeping your data secured

With most consumers owning mobile phones with SMS functionality, the One Time Password authentication method is easy to implement. Consequently, this adds to the overall convenience and user experience of the mobile application. Additionally, the OTP based login feature limits the chances of data theft or password compromise. In short, the OTP based login feature adds an additional layer of security to your consumer data.

Appmaker OTP feature and its impact on existing customers

Appmaker OTP uses Digits Plug-in, which is fully compatible with existing users. This means if you already have an Appmaker app, your customers can continue with the old username-password based logins. You can also migrate users to the new OTP based login system with a single click to ensure maximum optimization. This not only makes it easy for new customers but also greatly enhances the retention of existing customers.

Leveraging the power of OTP Login
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Unleash the real power of the OTP feature!

Appmaker OTP feature with its Digits Plug-in requires an SMS gateway to send messages to the consumer’s registered device. To ensure global coverage, Appmaker supports the SMS gateway offered by popular service provider Nexmo.

Additionally, Appmaker OTP feature is also compatible with Twilio, a leading cloud communications platform’s SMS Gateway. This translates to expanded OTP support for the app across more countries globally. Consequently, irrespective of your geographic location or that of your customers, Appmaker ensures global coverage and compatibility for the OTP feature.

To start leveraging the power of Appmaker OTP feature, all you need to do is Install Digits plug-in and adding a country based SMS Gateway of your choice.

Learn how to set up the OTP login with Twilio SMS gateway using Digits Plugin.

Give your mobile app the OTP edge

Now, online sellers can easily optimize their returns on a mobile app by simply using the Appmaker toolkit for app creation. Appmaker not only helps transition business to an Android/iOS app but also offers the OTP edge for higher user retention.

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