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Product filter plugin by Appmaker

If you are searching for a plugin where you can filter products in categories, you are in the right place. Appmaker’s Filter based on Product Category plugin is a very simple tool that can be used to show definite products to your users according to their needs.

What is a Filter based on Product Category plugin

By default, WooCommerce shows all attributes that have been used in all the categories. So sometimes, even the irrelevant filter options pop up in a category that doesn’t have that attribute. Filter based on product category plugin basically eliminates attributes and products that are not present and only shows the products that are available to the user.

To give an example of what this plugin is and how it works, let me give you an example.

Say there is a product category named T-shirts. Your user selects that category and is searching for a blue coloured t-shirt. He clicks on Filter and applies a filter by colour and chooses blue. But what if there are no blue coloured t-shirts? And you are looking for a way to eliminate this filter because you do not sell blue coloured t-shirts in the first place. 

By using this plugin, this task becomes easier as the user will not be shown that particular filter if the colour is not present. And now he knows that he can choose some other colour for his t-shirt.

How to install and activate this plugin?

To use the plugin, you will need to install Appmaker’s default WooCommerce plugin. Please download the plugin from here. ?

Once the Appmaker plugin is installed, rest is just a cakewalk! Contact us and tell us you need the Filter based on Product category plugin installed, and the rest will be taken care of. We will install the plugin for you in your WordPress dashboard and activate it for you.

Once activated, that is all that is needed. The filters will automatically refine themselves to show options for only those products that are available.

Below is a screenshot of a category for t-shirts,

When clicked on the filter to select the desired colour for the t-shirt, a similar screen will appear –

When the plugin is not activated

Here the plugin is activated

Finally, select the colour and only those products will be shown

Cool right!!! You can try it yourself now.

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