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Appmaker integration with Qwikcilver

Shopify gift cards are one of several strategies you may use to manage your eCommerce store more successfully. The success of your gift card program also depends on how well your resellers and partners do in selling the cards. Selling gift cards on your own is only one aspect of the tale. The easier it is for them to connect to your gift card system, the easier they can concentrate on their business, which is selling your cards.

What are Shopify gift cards?

Gift cards are prepaid money cards with a stored value, and merchants or banks typically issue them. You can use them in place of cash to make purchases at a certain retailer or associated business. Think about how joyful you feel when you have discount coupons with you when you go shopping. Also, that is how gift cards function! They demonstrate how a company handles its devoted consumers and help build a buzz for people to come back and make more purchases.

Shopify business owners may create gift cards for their customers online and send them to them via email as a form of encouragement. A gift card is also regarded as a unique kind of product that buyers can purchase and use as payment for subsequent transactions.

Why should companies utilize Shopify gift card apps and gift cards?

Shopify sellers must still cover costs like rent, utilities, materials, and more even though they sell their goods online. In other words, firms are vulnerable since there is a greater cash outflow than cash inflow. Further complicating matters for online retailers is the fact that consumers nowadays are spending more money on purchases than ever before.

Fortunately, Shopify gift cards save the day for lots of companies. These cards can be made by online retailers without cost and sold to customers. Customers that are supportive will be able to buy and redeem later as a result.

To entice your consumer to come back, you may also give them a gift card. Why use Shopify applications if making a Shopify gift card is free? The reason is that you can only make a Shopify card straight out of the box.

On the other side, you can set up a system to control which customers can receive gift cards using Shopify’s gift card apps. Additionally, you can create a lot more beautiful gift cards to draw in more clients to your establishment.

What are the benefits of having gift cards in an eCommerce business?

Ecommerce gift cards have countless advantages. Let’s tackle each one in turn.

  1. Offering extras like gift cards with good value help you stand out in a sea of online business marketplaces and offers you an advantage over rivals.

2. Assists you in locating the consumers who bring in the highest revenues, who make up only 15% to 20% of your whole clientele.

3. If properly promoted to your target demographic, increases traffic, the rate at which users return, and repeat transactions. By providing gift cards on your online store, you may attract more clients.

The importance of gift cards in e-commerce stores has already been covered in enough words and articles. The question of “why you must have gift cards on your website” has been satisfactorily addressed.

How can you increase sales using eCommerce gift cards?

Helps online businesses generate more money

Gift cards double the number of sales. One time when they are purchased and a second time when the gift card recipient makes a purchase. If your website is successful in making a positive first impression, customers who use gift cards actually wind up spending more than the value of the card.

Increases the amount of traffic to your website

Gift cards have a much greater ability to increase traffic than any other source when utilized in conjunction with the appropriate marketing approach. You only need to make a few efforts to communicate that you are offering gift cards in this era of rising demand. You will quickly notice an increase in traffic. Gift card purchasers and recipients will undoubtedly visit your online marketplace.

Use the power of email marketing, targeted advertising, and social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. to promote gift cards on your e-commerce site. Above all, make sure to use the appropriate chords throughout your website and customer experience.

They make sure to attract new clients

Gift cards can promote your company to clients who might not have otherwise visited your shop. Customers that are already familiar with and enthusiastic about your company will buy gift cards for friends, expanding your customer base.

In addition, you can offer gift cards when asked to contribute to a nearby fundraising effort. You provide the recipient the option to use their prize and possibly spend more money by giving them a gift card rather than a product or service. Giving gift cards to charity events also increases brand exposure and establishes you as a business owner who cares about the community.

How gift cards can be promoted in an online store?

Use email marketing lists as a tool

Create an email list as soon as your company is established. This list will be useful for promoting your gift cards. An email with a seasonal theme that is delivered to everyone on the list and announces or promotes your gift cards will guarantee increased traffic before and during the holiday shopping season.

Utilize social media platforms for advertising

Make efficient use of social media platforms to advertise your gift cards both before and during the sale season. Discovering the channels on which your target clients are most active and making an effort to draw them there are essential.

Make an announcement on your website

Be sure to let your visitors know that you also sell gift cards there. The news must be made in a style that will grab website visitors’ attention the most. A strategically positioned banner and a timed pop-up can quickly get the point across.

Appmaker integration with Qwikcilver

Appmaker‘s integration with Qwikcilver assists you in expanding the reach of your brand to generate incremental sales and give each user a tailored experience. The Qwikcilver software allows for brand currency transactions and helps you display multi-brand gift cards in real-time on any platform. Your Shopify store mobile app may issue and redeem Gift Cards on the Shopify platform with the aid of the Qwikcilver app. Additionally, it aids businesses in producing mass gift cards to keep and cultivate consumer loyalty.

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