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Can you sustain your WooCommerce website without a mobile app?

For WordPress website owners, WooCommerce is an excellent eCommerce solution. With WooCommerce, you can turn a simple WordPress website into an online store in minutes. According to Invespcro’s research, mobile website conversion rates are 1.82 percent, which is lower than the industry average of 2.7 percent. Conversion rates on ecommerce websites are 3.9 percent on desktops and 3.49 percent on tablets, respectively.

Want to know how to build a WooCommerce mobile app?

How to WooCommerce mobile app builders?

You may utilize a variety of app builders to create an app for your WooCommerce store. We’ll utilize Appmaker to demonstrate how to make an app for the sake of simplicity. In a nutshell, the steps are as follows:

Onboarding: To get started, create an Appmaker account and input your app name and WooCommerce store URL.

Design: Create numerous pieces and displays for the app. Your app’s icon, splash screen, log-in, sign-up screens, and home screen are all included.

Connect: Set up a connection between the app and your WooCommerce store. The Appmaker plugin is simple to install on your WordPress website. Your app will be populated with your WooCommerce store’s products, categories, menus, and other data once the connection is made.

Settings: You can now customize your app’s other settings. This contains a menu, bottom navigation, product display, and checkout options for your app.

How can a mobile app help your WooCommerce store?

A mobile app can assist you in increasing conversions and attracting a mobile-centric audience. How can it help you build your WooCommerce store in particular? The following are five ways that applications can help you increase your WooCommerce sales:

An additional marketing channel for your app

What are your current marketing strategies for your WooCommerce store? For your existing clients, you might employ a combination of Google and Facebook ads as well as email marketing.

Customer acquisition using external channels such as social media and search ads is not long-term viable. If you have a huge number of products, product SEO is not a good option.

This is when an app can come in handy. App stores, rather than websites, are where many new brands are discovered these days. Your WooCommerce store will automatically receive increased traffic as your app gains success in the app stores.

As a result of your app working as an additional marketing channel, your WooCommerce store will begin to receive more traffic.

Improve the brand identity of your WooCommerce store

Websites with an active mobile app on Google Play and the App Store have a stronger brand. This is for a variety of reasons:

When compared to mobile websites, having a mobile app helps you to provide customers with a native mobile experience.

Apps have a higher level of exclusivity. If you construct a list of your direct competitors, you’ll notice that just a few, if any, of them have a live app in the app stores.

In terms of user experience, apps provide a more personalized experience. Apps allow you to be far more personalized with your recommendations and interactions with customers.

Push notifications and in-app messaging make it easier to communicate with app users.

Build trust with customers

Companies that have a mobile app are frequently more trustworthy than those that do not. This is due to a variety of factors.

Competence is signaled through apps. While there are hundreds of millions of web pages online, there are only about 5 million live apps on Google Play and App Store. This is partly due to the fact that developing and launching an app necessitates a high level of technical skill.

As previously said, a code-free mobile app maker allows you to launch an app without having to deal with the technical aspects of development.

When you allow website visitors to download your app from app stores, you are effectively signaling competence and brand value. This could be beneficial to your website. Customers get more linked to your business and the things you offer as a result of apps.

Increase consumer loyalty

App consumers are easier to keep because they don’t disappear once they’ve made a transaction. As a result, app users are more inclined to place repeat orders.

Because customers cannot access your store directly, website customer retention is more difficult. They must use a browser to access your website.

With an app, you may leave a permanent mark on your customer’s device. As a result, you’ll be able to reach out to your customers at any time.

You may direct more users to your website with increased customer retention thanks to an app. Customers that stay on your app are more inclined to shop online at your store.

Customers are more likely to relate to brands than to channels. If you can keep customers on your app, they’ll choose to shop on your website as well.

How do I start a mobile app for my WooCommerce store?

Let’s address the elephant in the room before we go into the benefits of creating an app for your WooCommerce store.

How do you make a mobile application?

If you’ve worked with agencies before or know someone who has built an app, you’re aware of the difficulties.

Simply said, app development is costly, time-consuming, and tiresome. It’s not even close to being as straightforward as setting up a WooCommerce store. If you’re a small firm, you should expect to spend a significant amount of money on app development.

App development might be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. There are various platforms that allow users to create apps without having to know how to code.

You may use sophisticated platforms to create apps for your WooCommerce store in particular. This entails syncing your store’s products, categories, and other information to the app automatically.

In minutes, you can convert your WooCommerce store into an app using DIY app builder software. The software can then be submitted to app stores such as Google Play and Apple App Store. In essence, you may have a WooCommerce mobile app without the hassle of app development.

Appmaker – Best app builder for woocommerce

Appmaker is a mobile app development platform for WooCommerce stores that converts them into native Android and iOS apps. It offers bespoke app assistance with the goal of easing app development and enhancing brand awareness for eCommerce enterprises. Appmaker also makes it simple to integrate with over 2000 WooCommerce plugins to help the brand’s mCommerce growth.

We have over 1000 happy customers from over 35 countries around the world.

The following specific capabilities will help you create more attractive native apps for your online business:

  • Without the complexities of coding, you can create native apps for iOS and Android in only a few clicks.
  • Support for a wide range of third-party plugins provides a seamless transfer from your existing or new shop to the mobile app.
  • Easily engage your customers with personalised offers and reminders, as well as deal with push alerts.
  • Appmaker supports all payment channels, ensuring a secure and seamless checkout experience for your customers.
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