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Thinking to move ahead with converting your E-commerce business to M-commerce? You’ll be hearing all about the necessity of having a mobile app. Before you jump to a conclusion, let’s check out what your users expect from a mobile app.

A mobile app without these points? Oh, No…

Super speed(Fast & Reliable):

This is the first reason why you need an app for your website.  slow like a snail, websites take time to load. Apps have caching property and this makes apps faster and hence reliable.


NoAccount checkout(guest Checkout):

Shoppers will not be always in a mood to fill up the registration and login forms. Hence forcing users to log in just before the checkout is not a good idea as it increases cart abandonment. A  guest checkout will do in such a situation.

A wishlist for future purchase(Purchase later options):

Whenever I shop I always come across a product which I badly want, But not necessarily urgent., this happens to all. Take advantage of your customer by implementing a wishlist, this is a message for your customer like-” Don’t you worry, come back after sometimes, this product is here now and then”. Chechlist

M-commerce Checklist

Adding a wishlist has its role in increasing the user engagement. You cannot exclude this one.


Autofill forms(Information Lookup): 

Save your customers from boring form filling steps. With autofill forms, Users will have to fill the forms only at once. With the information lookups, there won’t be a second time where users will have to fill out the forms.


Chat Interface:

Mail inquiries and calls are outdated,  Go online by enabling chats. and help the customers with queries and doubts regarding your app.

Rating and reviews:

Shoppers take ratings and reviews into account before buying a product. Moreover, letting the users share their experience of using the product lets you know what properties and feature if the product should be altered.


Payments Gateways:

 The app should support the payment gateways just as in your website. Adding multiple payment methods will ease the transaction process for users.


Multi-language support:

If planning to extend the business in future, multilanguage support will be an advantage.  Connect with customers worldwide!


Promotion Widgets: 

Promotional offers and discounts can be showcased within the In-App pages. Adding banners and scrollers to the app should be possible.


Retargeting Adds:

  With the users search data one can post ads in the user’s various social platforms and engage the user back into the app.


Sorting and filters:

Let the users drill down to the product they search for.  Enabling this option will help customers find their desired products.


Android and Ios apps:

While transforming from E-commerce to M-Commerce target both the Apple and Android users. The android users alone all over the world is about 2 billion users, which says that There is no M-commerce without Android phones.


Push Notification:

Notifications and messages are to be sent to the users to re-engage users with the app.

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