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Top Benefits of Shopify Mobile Apps that You Can’t Miss

Have an online business but are having scalability issues? Looking for a clever answer? A straightforward, mobile-friendly solution is one of the necessities for propelling a firm forward. Yes, we are referring to smartphone apps, which are highly effective commercial sparkplugs. Due to their reliability, simplicity, and user-friendliness, mobile apps are frequently used.

According to studies, approximately 80% of customers look for product reviews on their smartphones even when in a store. Your app must be remarkable without sacrificing its simplicity in order to be preferred, and Shopify mobile apps follow the same principle. Check out the following examples of how Shopify mobile apps may help your company and consider getting one:

Shopify Mobile Apps Growth Statistics Over Time

  • About 3.69% of the worldwide eCommerce market is controlled by Shopify.
  • Globally, 1.75 million businesses utilize Shopify.
  • Shopify generated $988.6 million in total revenue in the first quarter of 2021.
  • Shopify’s sales increased by 1.2 billion in the first quarter of 2022 (YoY growth of 21%).
  • Shopify’s contribution to global economic activity is $307 billion.
  • Shopify apps are used by 87% of retailers for their online stores.

How Does An eCommerce Business Benefit From The Shopify Mobile App?

Are you still trying to understand why you need a Shopify mobile app? Here are ten convincing justifications for downloading a Shopify app:

Popularity Among Millennials is Huge

Millennials’ preferred internet buying tools are apps. Young consumers frequently download applications only to peruse the goods they have found on social media or through Google advertisements. Sounds improbable?

  • Due to its accessibility, mobile shopping is used by 80% of millennials.
  • 72% of millennials make one to four app-based purchases every week.
  • Video games (39%) and clothing/apparel (55%), as well as beauty/hygiene (46%), are among the millennial generation’s most popular apps.

So, you must use a Shopify mobile app if you’re targeting millennials. A Shopify-based app has a wealth of features that can draw young users and keep them on your app longer. Shopify apps can work wonders for your business, from appealing UX/UI to customized offers and FOMO.

Quick Communication with Customers

The closer your relationship with your customers, the more money you can generate with an internet business. Because of this, Shopify mobile apps empower retailers to use artificial intelligence (AI) to assess client preferences and send pertinent notifications.

Additionally, Shopify mobile apps allow several payment methods and languages. As a result, a seller can connect with customers outside of traditional limits. Additionally, Shopify mobile apps provide a completely secure surfing environment that links more users.

Additionally, Shopify mobile apps offer adjustable features that let business owners alter the layouts and themes to suit their tastes and entice clients to make purchases.

User Engagement Is Quicker and Simpler

To be successful, it won’t be enough to just connect with the buyers. The app’s users must have a smooth browsing experience. A tool with blazing-fast browsing is essential for this. When consumers have to wait longer than three seconds to continue surfing on the app, they frequently quit. A further advantage of Shopify’s mobile apps is their dynamic speed, which boosts user engagement. Additionally, Shopify apps include post-purchase evaluations and ratings, in addition, to live chat support to increase engagement.

Better brand perception

Concerned with branding tactics? Here, Shopify mobile apps can be useful. It is simpler to assess your target audience and their preferences with their analytical tools. As a result, you can adjust your techniques to make your brand apparent to them.
Additionally, mobile apps employ your logo to draw in your target market. In other words, Shopify mobile apps try to increase the likelihood that customers will make a transaction by making your logo visible to them in their feeds or advertisements.
Apps progressively expand your consumer base, not immediately. Therefore, it will increase brand awareness if you are able to provide good items and satisfactory services.

Accessibility and clarity

Let’s face it: we prefer user-friendly programs with lots of features. One of the main advantages is that Shopify mobile apps got you there immediately. Whatever features you need, Shopify has them all and is incredibly easy to use. It functions much like the premium program.

You get access to everything, including augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), in-app wishlists, push alerts, and social login, but usage is incredibly straightforward. This is the USP of Shopify apps, which is why users are likely to favor them.

As a result, you can alert newcomers or give them a virtual trial using the Shopify mobile app. However, the twist is that, despite having so much content, applications are still far too simple to use. Here, tapping an icon achieves the desired result. With this ease of use, an app can increase your conversions, therefore obtain one for your company.

Enhanced Visibility

Apps give merchants a clear view of specific client preferences by accumulating the most basic information about target customers. Additionally, it aids in the selection of platforms where the intended audience can view the app by the merchants. So, if you are having trouble getting enough views, think about using a Shopify mobile app.

Although web apps occasionally receive more views than apps due to their inclusion in SERPs, the number of sessions on these pages is fairly low. Visitors, on the other hand, spend more time using apps and suggesting others. As a result, over time, Shopify mobile apps receive more views, which is good for your company.

The Shopify mobile apps make the most of SEO technologies, which helps them appear more prominently in search results and on app stores. With the use of high-volume keywords and meta tags, merchants can customize the product title, description, and other details on a Shopify app. This makes it simple for these products to show up on customers’ search searches.

Client Retention

The two main issues facing online retailers are cart abandonment and changing consumer retention.
The following are some typical causes of these issues:

  • Irrelevant product
  • Irrelevant price
  • Lack of support
  • Security issues

But by examining their searches and purchases and making appropriate product recommendations, these customers can be won back.

With customized notifications, Shopify mobile apps also address this issue and help customers feel appreciated. Your brand becomes stronger when you value it, and repurchase opportunities rise along with it.

Additionally, its top-notch security safeguards user information and allays security worries. Additionally, Shopify mobile apps help retailers by providing resources like reward points and a referral incentive for increased app retention.

Excellent use of social media

Today, social media is more than just a place to “like, comment, and share”; with the right approach, it can help your company with its marketing efforts. Want to see more? Simply create engaging social media posts to market your items by fusing with a trend or announcing an offer.

In order for customers to encourage others to buy the same product, Shopify mobile apps feature direct connections to promote products on social media. Utilize the apps properly for social media marketing since large social media communities with a lot of members can be a valuable source of organic traffic to your app.

Mobile Apps for Shopify – A True Competitive Advantage

Due to its rapid growth over the past few years, the online business sector is a highly competitive field. New businesses are entering this sector every single day. Therefore, maintaining profitability looks to be a challenge, and excessive competition will always pose a threat regardless of how outstanding your products and customer service are. Offering people convenience, speed, cutting-edge features, and dependability is the only way to outperform them. And you should complete all of these tasks before your rivals. Shopify mobile apps let you grow your business quickly and remain ahead of the competition.

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