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Running an eCommerce store in India using WooCommerce?. Well, its time to ask yourself how much you invested in setting up the payment gateways?

Read Best WooCommerce Payment Gateways across the globe

For eCommerce, there was a time where cash on delivery was highly preferred by the users. This was because customers were not ready to risk their money. And this costed extra penny’s.By the way, your customers don’t want to spend anything extra.. They want to buy their favorite products at minimal cost and in the most convenient manner. And the best solution for this is payment gateways that accept payments through cards/UPI/PayTM. With so much fraud activities happening online, it’s not easy to prove your store’s Genuity and earn the trust of your customers. And unless you make your part clear, people are not gonna shop from your store. They’ll move forward with other reliable online stores that they can trust with.

Each store owner should take care of integrating the best WooCommerce payment gateways for your store, especially in India to win trust and brand loyalty. There are some factors which determine the quality of a WooCommerce payment gateway. Here are a few,

  • Easy to integrate and upfront setup fee
  • Transaction fee
  • Best in UI
  • Analytics
  • Receipts for each transaction
  • Settlement Period
  • Customer Support

Here is the list of top selected WooCommerce payment gateways in India.

WooCommerce Payment Gateways in India
1. Razorpay
2. InstaMojo
3. CashFree
4. PayPal
5. CCAvenue

Best WooCommerce payment Gateways in India

#1 Razorpay – 2% per transaction

This is one among the top WooCommerce payment gateways in India. Razorpay lets you accept payments from various sources that include Indian debit card, credit card, digital wallets (MobiWik and Freecharge are included), net banking, and UPI.’s

You can get it integrated with your WooCommerce store using Razorpay’s WooCommerce plugin. And the steps are so quick and straightforward. They have a neat dashboard which guarantees frictionless transactions.

#2 InstaMojo– 2% +INR 3 per transaction

InstaMojo is a Free payment gateway that you can use in India. It can also accept payments through Debit & credit cards.

Using InstaMojo other payment ways(Apart form Debit/Credit cards) include the following,

  • Net banking
  • UPI transaction
  • Wallets
  • Equated monthly Instalments (EMI)
  • NEFT
  • IMPS

InstaMojo gives your customers a great checkout experience

#3 CashFree– 1.75% per transaction

CashFree for Indian WooCommerce stores comes with a wide range of features. Just as the other plugins CashFree supports all Indian Cards, net banking, wallets and more. It supports Bulk Payments letting businesses and merchants.

They Support instant refunds, on-demand payouts, and recurring payments.

To make secured transactions and know more about customers they provide bank account verification.

CashFree lets your users transfer money will low transaction costs.

#4 PayPal – 2.5% + INR 3 per transaction

International WooCommerce payment gateway

PayPal lets you accept payments from all over the world including India. The features of PayPal WooCommerce includes 180 days buyers protection, free return shipping and confidentiality.

Selling WIth PayPal integration makes it easier for you to do faster, safe and easier transactions.

Paypal supports 100 currencies, and there is a total of 200 million PayPal accounts. Moreover, the advanced features of PayPal include cheque uploading using a mobile camera.

#5 CCAvenue – 2% per transaction

cc Avenue WooCommerce payment gateway

CCAvenue is another top WooCommerce payment gateway in India that let you accept all types of payments within the country. The payment method supports 200+ payment options and is able to process multiple currencies.

CCAvenue is iFrame Integrated which lets your users do payments on the checkout and it also includes smart dynamic checkouts.

Above all, CCAvenue gives you features including dynamic event notification, marketing tools, and smart analytics.


Security is always preferred first. For a WooCommerce store to be successful, you’ll need to make sure that all the transactions are safe. That’s how you earn the customers trust. All the five Payment gateways mentioned in this article works perfect in India (Yes, Our customers vouched for these one’s payment gateways when asked about writing for this article which you are reading) as well as they offer high security and the best when it comes to UI.

So which ones to choose for? You can choose one that guarantees a secure transaction with a mininal transaction fee. You can also start with the lowest transaction fee ones and while growing to opt in for additional discounts from those payment gateways, if the volume of transaction per month is bulk in nature.

If you have your WooCommerce store based in India, integrating your Woocommerce website / App with these plugins can help you take your store to the next level.

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