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How to Increase Sales using Appmaker Push Notifications

Push notifications are the most powerful form of marketing and eCommerce marketers depend on them owing to their effectiveness. A recent study by Localytics states that 52% of smartphone users have push enabled on their devices. With an effective mobile push notifications strategy, you can easily direct users to your social media channels and also, promote your exclusive sales and offers. 

This along with the popularity of mobile apps has made eCommerce push notifications strategy an inevitable part of sales-boosting marketing strategies. Push notifications for customer service are a vast area that can be explored by business owners.

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What are Push Notifications?

Push notifications are the clickable pop-up messages sent to your customer’s devices to keep them informed on the timely updates and offers. It is an efficient mode of continuous communication with your customers. This way you can even get the attention of your customers and engage them even when they are not using your app. Studies have shown the following interesting statistics on push notification effectiveness:

  • An 88% boost to app engagement (on average)
  • 2-6x improved app retention in the first 90 days
  • Open rates for push messages are as high as 69.57% in some app categories

Why should you use Push Notifications?

Engaging users who aren’t currently on your site: Sending push notifications online will help you attract more users stuck at different points in their buyer journey. A small nudge can remind them about the product they liked in your eCommerce app and can stimulate positive action. Therefore, it enables customer re-engagement by inducing them to come back to your app and restore abandoned carts. 

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Promoting products and services (especially special offers): With mobile push notifications, you can generate a sense of urgency in the customer and stimulate the customer to make a purchase. You can attract your users with many app-only offers, promotions, and other discount plans to increase conversion rates.

Building trust and brand reputation by delivering valuable content: Most importantly, once you have your customers’ attention it is important to maintain them. Sending a click-worthy push notification is an excellent way of reminding them why they have your app on their android or iOS device. A well-crafted creative push notification can be their reason to return. Increasing return traffic depends highly on how you send push notifications and when. According to a study by Urban Airship, push notifications can boost retention rates by 3 to 10 times.

Types of Mobile Push Notifications

Cart abandonment Notifications:

Creative push notifications can be an effective method to notify the customers about any price drops or offer on the items that are already in their cart. This gives them a nudge to come back to the abandoned cart and complete the transaction. 

FOMO Notification:

Push notifications could be used to create a sense of urgency with messaging like the product is out of stock, a new ‘buy 1, get 1 free offer, etc. to make them come back and complete the purchase process at the earliest. The FOMO (fear of missing out) can be generated with a carefully drafted push message and thus direct the customer right into your mobile app. 


Such notification is sent to users in a certain geographical area to deliver a message that is relevant in terms of both time and place. For instance, in the image given below, the three brands sent messages to users stating the actual distance from the store in a bid to attract them.

Search-incentive Notification

A  search-incentive notification prompts the user to complete his first search starting on a mobile app and thereafter, encourages using the search function. 

Real-time Updates

With real-time push notifications, you can notify the customers about the real-time changes that happen to their orders. This is mainly suitable for food-delivery businesses.

Appmaker Push Notifications

Appmaker push notifications help you engage your customers with app push notifications. This way you can capture their attention with new offers, deals, product launches, and more. With Appmaker, you can set up targeted campaigns for each customer segment based on your goals.

How to Set up Push notifications with Appmaker to increase sales

Step 1: Go To Cloud Messaging in Firebase and click on New Notification

Image showing how to create a new notification using Firebase Cloud Messaging

Step 2: Type in your message in the notification text as shown below:

Image showing how to create content using Firebase Cloud Messaging

Step 3: Create your targeted audience with this step and define the parameters

Image showing how to create a target audience

Step 4: Schedule a timing for the notification to be sent

Image showing how to schedule a time to send the notification

Step 5: Define a goal metric as your conversion event to determine the results of your push notification. This is optional

Image showing how to define the conversion events

Step 6: Finally, click on Review to do a final check. Click on Publish if you are sure to send it right now

Image showing the track page of your users' response to the notification

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