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Push notifications are the most powerful form of marketing and eCommerce marketers depend on them owing to their effectiveness. A recent study by Localytics states that 52% of smartphone users have push enabled on their devices. With mobile push notifications, you can easily direct users to your social media channels and also, promote your exclusive […]
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At first glance, it appears that implementing eCommerce discount strategies won’t be a profitable move. But this is not the case. The only thing is, proper objectives and studies should be conducted before offering any discounts. Even after implementing an offer, It has to be carefully monitored to see whether the intended results and outcomes […]
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The Avengers were able to save the world with their superpowers (Of Course!), teamwork (nothing possible without teamwork) and predictions about which universe he was going to conquer next. With appropriate predictions, proper planning, precautions, and attack-ready, the Avengers saved the world! Wondering why I am talking about Avengers in a Firebase analytics blog? You […]