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How does Appmaker add value to your eCommerce stores?

Since it doesn’t require any programming experience, no-code app development has become extremely popular over the past few years among non-technical entrepreneurs and business owners. No-code platforms and app development have grown significantly over time if we look at history.

The most popular eCommerce platforms are Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, and BigCommerce. For each of these platforms, Appmaker offers a different set of app developers. Your eCommerce website may easily be transformed into an iOS and Android mobile application with no extra work.

No-code app development has dramatically increased in popularity for a few clear reasons. These justifications are sufficient to convince you that when it comes to eCommerce mobile apps for your company, you should think about no-code app development.

If you are a Shopify store owner, easily convert your store into a Shopify app with Appmaker in no time.

How to Add Value to Your Customers

Ecommerce mobile applications have completely transformed the shopping experience in recent years and have emerged as a crucial tool for shoppers everywhere. Retailers are creating mobile applications for customers’ purchasing requirements, such as product browsing, reward points, specials, offers, suggestions, and even transactions.

Customers increasingly have different buying habits and rely on their mobile devices to improve the overall shopping experience. Have you ever considered it? Why are consumers utilizing retail apps more frequently? because using a mobile device has given them great experiences. A recent study found that 88% of individuals who use retail apps have wonderful shopping experiences.

Shoppers utilize mobile apps for a variety of reasons, including ease of use, personalization for each user, increased consumer happiness, and strengthened brand loyalty.

Ease of use

Consumers now have simple access to and availability of mobile shopping. Additionally, shopping is now easily accessible to consumers on the road and at their fingertips, enabling them to buy, browse, or recommend goods and services at any time and anywhere. The purchasing procedure is made simple and user-friendly for customers by the integrated, simple payment choices within the app. Retail apps also aid in removing friction points by providing a perfect and seamless path to purchase.


Ecommerce mobile apps are evolving to become much more user-friendly and customized, which targets each unique customer and improves their purchasing experience. In order to personalize their retail apps, several businesses today, including Starbucks and Shoppers Drug Mart, incorporate exclusive offers and loyalty schemes. They frequently incorporate push notifications, loyalty programs, and user-specific discounts and coupon integrations.

Almost 51 percent of mobile app users use retail apps in-store to assist with their shopping needs, the research found. And, this has advanced the personal purchasing experience. More information is now readily available to consumers, which aids in helping them make wise purchasing selections.

Retailer-Shopper Relations

Most consumers nowadays are seeking solutions that will make their shopping experience more convenient and engaging. And because of this, customers are likely to stay customers longer and have more fruitful purchasing experiences. Recent studies claim that several retailers have already realized this and are now solely focused on growing their online presence. Retailers are building far stronger relationships with their customers and satisfying their buying demands by having the appropriate digital interactions with them. The correct retail apps provide the customer a lot more convenience and choice possibilities, ensuring a flawless purchasing experience. Additionally, this in-app interaction improves brand loyalty, customer connections, and customer engagement.

Adding value with Appmaker

Top-notch features by Appmaker offers the simplest and most effective way to make purchases and help customers make judgments about what to buy is now through your mobile apps.

Here are some useful Appmaker mobile app builder features:

Push Notifications

One of the key components of the mCommerce software that is crucial to boosting sales is push notification. Additionally, push notifications are a powerful tool for attracting and converting new consumers. They serve as means of contact with customers with the introduction of a new product, seasonal promotions, discounts, or even when an item is left in the shopping cart without being purchased.

App analytics

Use Google Analytics for your eCommerce app to determine the full potential of your app. Your mobile commerce app prominently displays Google Analytics.

Google Analytics makes it possible to learn more about user behaviour, including which products are selling better and how they interact with the app. Additionally, this knowledge will assist you in developing long-term user acquisition strategies.

Product filters and search

One of the elements of the mCommerce software that makes it simple to use is filters. An e-commerce app has millions of products, so finding the appropriate one could take hours or even days. Additionally, these filters will spare users valuable time and effort. To get the required search results, numerous filters can be applied to various products.

Speedy checkout process

Easy checkout is one of the advantages of Appmaker mCommerce apps. From customer’s perspective, it is a great benefit when they can checkout easily without providing too much information. Single-click payments have become the mobile commerce trend which streamlines the payment process as short as one click. These easy payment methods are becoming a favorite of the users as they do not want to spend much time on the payment process.

Discounts and promotions

Similar to brick-and-mortar stores, mCommerce relies heavily on sales and marketing. Give your consumers a heads-up to make purchases on a regular basis to enhance sales at your store and easily notify them of future events. Additionally, you can notify your devoted clients as quickly as feasible about appealing deals or discounts.

Offer multiple payment options

A payment gateway is a crucial tool that makes it easier for customers to make payments online later in the buying process. Make sure your app supports safe and simple in-app payments without interfering with users’ convenient checkout alternatives, which is a critical element in determining sales.

Every app for mobile commerce should permit:

  • All major credit cards
  • Debit cards
  • PayPal
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay

Multilingual Apps

App users can change the app content to their native languages thanks to multilingual support. This enhances customer satisfaction while also assisting your company in attracting clients from around the world.

Grocery Mode

The special grocery mode function offered by Appmaker is appropriate for online grocery retailers. Even without opening the product, users can select how many products to add.

Live Chat Support

The shop owners are able to respond to consumers’ questions and provide quick answers. Better consumer communication is facilitated as a result.

Order Tracking

This helps the app users to track the status of the orders they have placed.

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