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7 Steps to increase Ecommerce sales using Mobile app

With over 2.7 billion Smartphone users across the globe, mobile apps are expected to generate $189 billion in revenue by the end of 2020. This correlates with research showcasing how apps offer 120% better conversion in terms of sales and revenue as compared to responsive mobile or web-based ecommerce platforms.

It is easy to set up an ecommerce store, but to generate sales from mobile app, setting up store is not enough. You need to know how to market your e-store through your app.

Here are 7 effective ways to help increase ecommerce sales from your mobile app.

Make smart use of push notifications

Mobile apps for eCommerce offer various personalization tools. Push notification functionality of the mobile app is one such. It helps businesses to stay connected with their consumers by offering personalized recommendations.

With too many apps on offer, it is natural for a consumer to sometimes install an app and forget about it. With smart use of push notifications, businesses can remind consumers about the app and announce deals and personalized suggestions based on their browsing history or shopping patterns. 

The key is not in enabling push notifications but ensuring each such notification is smart and value-driven. Also, an overdose can easily lead to a ‘turn off’ of the same by the consumers.  

Enable multiple payment options

Mobile apps for ecommerce are popular because of their seamless functionality and easy user interface. The mobile app offers multiple payment options as part of the ease in functionality. Various reports say that having multiple payment options can decrease shopping cart abandonment as much as 8%. Payment by credit cards, cash, net banking and popular digital channels etc must all be integral payment options for a best responsive mobile app for ecommerce.

Integrate reward points with exclusive in-app discount coupons

Irrespective of whether you opt for Woocommerce mobile apps or any other app for eCommerce, it must have an integrated reward point system. This system allows reward point accumulation for each purchase that can be promoted towards exclusive in-app discount coupons for future purchases.

Such a strategy doubles up the brand building exercise by rewarding loyal customers and promoting future in-app sales. Thus a reward point offering functionality must be a definite takeaway when choosing the right mobile app builder tool for your business.

Explore engagement with phone’s inbuilt features

Smartphone has various integral tools like GPS, voice search etc. Ensure your Woocommerce mobile apps can offer engagement with such inbuilt features to maximize sales. For ex, apps for ecommerce that offer voice search for products can enhance user convenience ensuring better popularity and sales.

Implement one-click purchasing

Mobile apps for ecommerce are all about user convenience and adding to it is the one-click purchasing option. This option allows easy adding of products to cart and links direct payment from the product page itself. This one-click purchasing can act as a defining factor for ensuring lower cart abandonment.

Offer personalized communication post-sales

Many mobile apps for ecommerce stop communication post-sales. Ensure your app is communicating proactively post-purchase updating on the packaging, shipment and tracking details. Such communication also encourages responsiveness from consumers including product reviews and feedback, which will help in increasing a loyal consumer base.

Embrace AI functionally within the mobile app

With all businesses embracing mobile apps, having a technologically advanced app embracing Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Augmented Reality (AR) tools are sure to drive higher sales. AI tools like automation, store personalization, or AR tools like Virtual Reality can escalate your sales revenue upstream. When choosing a mobile app builder tool, the availability of such features must be high on your app development wish list.

Conclusion: By implementing some simple but smart tweaks, businesses can increase ecommerce sales considerably by using a mobile app.

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